13 December 2009

Sunday afternoon musings

No real reason to blog right now, but I enjoy it so no harm in doing another =)  I hope to continue this for many years as I would love to keep track of my journey through life, so the more blogs the better (in theory lol).

Currently I am sitting in Sabbi's room on a Sunday afternoon, just doing nothing really, great fun indeed.  Sabbi has recently had surgery a few days back on her sinuses  (although I was positive it was surgery to change her face from being a white woman to a black woman), so she is condemned to house arrest for the next 2 weeks.  Much to my amusement =P

I have had a huge weekend... I may even say bigger then I would of preferred.  Friday night I was out with my mate Daniel to hit the city for whatever mischief we can come up with... well we succeeded in that aspect beyond all expectations lol.

For starters there were police EVERYWHERE!  A major police crackdown was planned for that night, the police presence was extreme and possibly even over done in my opinion.  While there I met Simon Overland lol (the Victorian Police Commissioner), I would of got a photo with him but Daniel was too slow... also, I may be on the news as when the reporters were filming I was jumping around in the background haha.

Oh yeah, apparently I was a witness to a crime lol... this guy got arrested and I was near it when it happened, and Daniel pointed out to one of the officers that the persecutor's motorcycle helmet was under a nearby bus, the officer seemed to take it instead as an innocent observation and much rather a witness confession.  He asked a bazillion questions, asked for our ID, took our details down... I may be getting a call in the next few days lol.  I tried to explain that without my glasses I didn't see much at all, to which I think he thought I was hiding something lol.

We ended up at a pub called Young and Jacksons for a bit, that was great fun (again, pints are the best invention ever!) but then decided to move to Crown.  I should mention that I was relatively sober the whole night... not by choice I might add... but because of the insane amount of walking we did lol...  We got lost trying to get to Crown (yes... I know... it is pretty damn hard to miss *facepalm*).  We turned the wrong way and walked for freakin' miles!  I'm talking, we lapped the entire Southgate complex.  When I got to the pub in Crown, the bouncer says to me:

"Heya mate, how much have you had tonight?"

Odd thing to ask I thought, seeing as I was sober... but I took it that he was just being friendly.  Later on in the night we somehow ended back at Young and Jacksons, to which this bouncer asked the exact same question!  But I was sober, what the hell lol.  This bouncer went even further and wouldn't let me in because I was apparently at an inappropriate level on intoxication... but I was sober!

He wouldn't budge.

We ended the night with the famous Night Rider buses which drops me about 1 suburb away from my house.  We got off and there was another bus sitting there not doing anything... we asked if we can get on and the guy is like 'yeah, alright then'... bit strange as he seemed slightly reluctant to let us on.  We got on and it turns out it was a trainee driver being trained, so they drove us to my suburb even though it wasn't on their route, sweet!   Best bus ever.  Sadly they wouldn't take us the rest of the way to my house which meant we had to walk 4km to my house at 4am lol... that was a LONG walk indeed... my legs are still aching.

Last night was Jason's 21st (this time at his dad's house) to which there was only myself and another mate Mark present, with the rest being family.  Was a great night, met a lot of his cousins that I have not met before (they are so cool!) played a lot of cricket, drank heaps, good time indeed.  For an after party we went to a club called Q Lounge (which I have been to once before and loved it).  While there I found $20 on the floor (sweet!) and we found a driver's license which turned out to be one of our mates with us haha!  Jason picked it up, stared at it for a bit, swung around and held it at arms length and placed the card next to the friends head and was like 'Haha Pete! I found your ID!'.  Hilarious!

That was followed by a pub crawl which consisted of many beers bought for Jason against his will haha, followed by 3am pizza!  Tasted sooo good.

I also (finally!) met Jason's half sister, Katie.  She is one of my life idols from all the things Jason has told me about her.  She is about 32 and has a really high class job as a Technical Solutions Manager (or something like that) for a big international company.  She is currently working from home while waiting for a Melbourne office to be built to which she will then be the head of that office.  The job includes a lot of travel, client interactions, conferences, meetings, all world wide!  Last year she was living in New Zealand, the year before she was in Los Angelos, America, and before that she was in Sydney, Australia!  Sounds like my absolute dream job so I have always been extremely eager to meet her and have a chat.

Last night I finally got my chance and we chatted for a good 45 minutes about everything from what her current job is about, how she got where she is today (including a rough time line starting from when she graduated Uni) what are some do's and do not's, and generally a lot of really good advice.  It was so great to chat to her, I really respect and look up to her greatly.  She knows that I have only just graduated, and next year I am doing my Honours degree (oh yeah, I forgot to mention, I got accepted in Honours, yay lol), and told me at the end of next year to give her a call and she may have a position available that I could apply for!

Was a good weekend indeed, one of my highlights was hanging out with Daniel.  He has been a mate for absolutely years now, but was never really a close friend, was just a good one (if you get my point).  He used to play drums so we would go to each others houses pretty regularly, and whenever I see him these days at parties we usually bind together for most of the night.  This kind of dawned on both of us when we were at Jason's 21st last week, the fact that we get along really well, we have known each other for ages, have HEAPS in common (he has gone through a very similar situation to mine, and is the only friend I know who has been in as long as a relationship as I have been in), but couldn't really figure out why we have never hung out more often lol.  Will see how that goes.

In other news, 'they' are really starting to get on my nerves now.  You won't believe the crap they have pulled now, I am starting to wonder if I need to step up and say something.  Sigh, story for another day.

Anyways... that was just a general ramble, apologies if it is boring, I am running on about 7 hours sleep over 2 days, so I am barely present with the living at this moment lol.  Time to end this, bed time soon.  Got the next 5 days ahead filled with work 9 - 5, which is absolutely fine by me as I am really loving work at the moment!

I wonder what is in store for my future, you can only wonder =)


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