06 December 2009

Jason's 21st

Last night was Jason's 21st, and while I did say Peter's 21st party was and I quote, the 'Best. Party. Ever!' (see 'Peter's 21st' for a recap!), it would be hard pressed not to say this one is in the running as a solid contender for that renowned title, if not even declared the winner already. =) Jason, I should mention, is part of my old (still current?) crew of friends that I have been friends with for about 9 years now (same as Peter), and I count him as one of my true mates.

While Peter's was indeed awesome, that was more due to the fact that it was the most fun I had had in a very long time (it has been a very trying last few months...), however Jason's party was just plain fun =D

As with all events these days they start off a little slow as I spend most of my time avoiding 'them'... however I must say that it is getting relatively easier as I am very much getting the sense that they are much more frightened of me then I am of them lol. Hmm, besides, reflecting a little just then, I have realized how far I have come in the last few months and at this very point in time I feel I am just about clear of the dread that the situation empowered over me. Yay me! I really should look into it more, but that is a story for another day. It does also makes it easier when I could see that my ex is getting fat haha =P

That downfall of the night aside, the rest of the night was an absolute blast! Of course like everything I do, there were many mishaps lol.  Jason has a decking area in his backyard and we were all sitting down at the tables eating some dinner. Everything was well and good until CRACK followed by a sudden jolt! The decking had cracked right through the middle and the entire thing sunk about 20cm haha! Beers flew everywhere, people fell off chairs, screams were heard, it was hilarious.

Alas I and this other lady were the unluckiest (no surprise really lol) and walked away from the ordeal with the biggest scars... she got drinks poured all over her dress, while I had beer land in my freshly filled dinner plate (which was devastating, those spring rolls looked so nice... I didn't even get a taste of anything)... and was also fortunate enough to add some decorations to my pants lol:

It is beer I can assure you!!!

Haha damn it was funny though, a solid 30 people were cracking up laughing... to which I shouted 'hey give me some credit, it was a scary moment!'. Jason thankfully gave me some of his jeans for the night.

From then on it was just non-stop laughs and good times by all, got to chat to heaps of people I haven't seen in a while which was awesome.  After that not too much eventful stuff happened (which was perfectly fine by me), had a few drinks, chatted to like a bazillion mates, sang Happy Birthday, was a great time. It was when most of the people went home when the real fun began =D

Sam eventually came so we did some 'classy' dancing lol, which was great fun. Speaking of dancing, I should definitely learn how to dance! And by dancing I mean the proper dancing like Tango and... umm, you know, that Fox Trot... ummm.... the Cha Cha? I don't even know what they are called, but you get my drift lol. Definite chick magnet right there if I knew how to do those.

Some good slow dancing music was played like some Elvis and whatever, so everyone remaining went out to the backyard, would grab a random partner and dance away. The song would finish so everyone would leave their current partner and find a new one, great fun! Definitely one of the highlights of the night was being able to dance with some of the hottest chicks I know lol =P As I said, I didn't have a clue what I was doing, but was a great laugh me trying to take the lead doing the Tango, only to fail miserably lol... sorry to Diana for stepping on her feet (numerous times) and thanks to Sarah for trying to teach me!

Another highlight of the night was meeting a new girl named Polly (!!!) coolest chick ever with the body to match =P Was sooo fun dancing with her, we were doing the (hmm... dunno what the official name is lol)... standard one-hand-on-her-hand-with-the-other-hand-round-her-waist dance, with some random kicks here and there (directed at the other dancers lol) also with some attempts at twirls in between, which went fine until we both tried to twirl at the same time and got our arms tangled to which we then crashed into the people next to us lmao.  Funny stuff =D Very much hope to be seeing her again soon ;)

Throughout the whole night though, I had male competition to compete against for the female attention, which is to be expected, however... how can I compete against this guy!... Cameron, who is 9 years old... don't be fooled to thinking he is a push over, I don't have that kind of cuteness anymore, it was not a fair playing field let me say that much lol. To make it worst he had it out for me as I told him numerous times that it was past his bed time and that he should be in bed haha (which would get him all worked up lol). Every chick I would dance with he would come over, put on some fake kiddy voice of 'hi miss, may I have this dance' (which I taught him to say by the way!), to which of course they would agree lol... that cuteness will not stay with you forever Cameron! =P Haha he was a great kid, I even had the pleasure to dance with him myself.

The rest of the night consisted of a lot of group photos (I snuck in a few 'myspace' type photos of myself a few times for a laugh lol), a few 'I dare you to clap your hands while doing a push up', (which I now can!), a bit of me doing stage style reenactments of hilarious situations that have occurred in the distant past (which I think I over dramatized a little, but it was for a good laugh lol), and then finally the goodbyes.

Oh yeah, it was the first time most had seen my new haircut, which got a lot of approvals and random compliments lol, yay. I have been trying to get a new hair style for like 6 months (literally) so while it was growing I would always wear my hat... I think people were starting to wonder what was my obsession with the hat, so it is good to have it finally gone. =)

So yes, had 'Eventful journey home' on Friday night, then this on Saturday night, and spent the day at the beach on Sunday with Sabbi. All in all, a good way to the end week =)

Tune in for next time!

(Woah, apologies for the length, I didn't realise until I posted it. Also apologies as it is rather jumbled and lacks a bit of spark (in my eyes at least)... but it will do for now)


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