18 December 2009

Pointless post

Like the title says, this is a completely pointless post.  I had a heap of ideas running through my head only moments before, so I decided blogging would be a good idea to whip them into some sort of understandable structure.  Now that I am on my blog however... they have deserted me...  sigh.  Well I am here now so might as well get something down.

Hmm, what to write?  Well, I guess I can talk about what I have been up to lately.

Lately I have been thinking of where I want to live when I am older (and by older I mean say... 23? I am currently 21)... I have narrowed it down, kind of. One of my favourite places is the beach!  I am there very frequently... although I am starting to wonder how much my love of the beach has to do with the water, sun and sand, and how much because of beach babes ha...

One of my other favourite places is the city. The atmosphere is just awesome, so many unique people, who knows what they are all up to! So many stories to be told, dreams to be heard, achievements to be boasted, loss, happiness, goals.  I love a hectic life style, I love living on the edge, I hate sitting still... doing so makes me feel like life is rushing by, leaving me behind. I want to run with life, possibly even get ahead of it, because once you get to that speed I feel it overwhelms you, sweeps you away for a while and you have no idea where it is going nor when it will stop. Not knowing where you will end up in the end makes it all worth while, adventure in my mind is what life is all about =)

Whoops, off topic a bit there. Where was I?... ah yes, cities, awesome places, which is why the last few days I have been contemplating the fact of moving to one... say... New York City!  Unless a better one comes to mind... well actually, how can I even say that... that implies I think New York City is the best city, I know nothing about it. Well, I did watch the entire series (seasons 1 - 10) of the tv show Friends (no I am not joking), so I guess I know quite a bit about good ol' New York (or 'NY' as the locals call it.  See, I am down with it, I feel like a 'New Yorker' already).  All I need now is to have an obsession with Taxi's which can't go anywhere due to the traffic, wear a baseball cap at all times, eat lots of take out, and I am already half way there!

Could I possibly live here some day?

Hmm, perhaps that was a rather misguided and stereotypical view of New York (or America in general for that matter).  It sounds as bad as when other countries have views of Australia. No we do not ride Kangaroos to school, nor all carry 1 foot long knifes like Crocodile Dundee, nor all like cricket.

Sigh.. Ill be right back, just need to put my pet koala to bed. His name is Troy by the way, cutest little thing.

I mentioned to Mum the other day of my plans to move to New York (in a hypothetical as I haven't yet decided where I want to go in the end)... she didn't seem very fussed, it was quite concerning.

"As long as you have a job first, I don't mind"

"What?  Me being half way around the world doesn't bother you?"

"As I said, as long as you have a job first, then whatever you do is up to you. It will be nice to have a quiet and clean house for a change though... your room is such a mess."

(slightly hurt by this stage) "I am starting to think this house means more to you do I do, they are possessions mum, they can be replaced, I can't!"

"Hmm, yes... well speaking of possessions, go clean yours in that cave you call a room"


Today out of curiosity I did some searches on what are some jobs available in New York at the moment, being in IT (software developer is my current field) I like to think there would be quite a lot of options out there for me, even if it means a bit of freelancing.

Extremely early days yet, these are just some of the things I think about randomly through out my days lol.

In other news, my cruise that was planned in a ridiculously short amount of time (see 'A lot can happen in one day') I can giddily say is still full steam ahead! (Get it? Full steam ahead, cause its a boat, and they have engines that produce steam, and at full steam it is going very fast... classic).  We had a scare for a little while as our retarded 4th person (some guy called Rod or something, a friend of Jason's) pulled out the other day after we had all put our deposits down! Argh!

I think I let my face sit flat on my desk for a few days at that news... he claims his band already had an important gig planned for April 10th (the day we return back to shore)... how the hell does something like that slip your mind!?

The day dream I had concocted in my mind of wearing a bad Hawaiian t-shirt, wide brimmed straw hat, sitting by the top deck pool, Apple Martini in hand with a swirly straw was slipping away! 

Well luckily for us (and him) he managed to 'push the extremely important gig date back a week'.  Doesn't sound like a very important gig if you can so easily change the date.  Ah well, all good now, the cruise is back on course!  (Get it?  Back on course, cause boats travel on a course... I am on fire today).

Well guess that's all at the moment. I apologize for wasting 5 minutes of your lives by making you read this pointless post, that's 5 minutes that you will never get back ha.

Ramble on!


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