10 November 2009


I am very lost at the moment, does anyone know the way? But, it is nice because currently, I don't care, so I will continue to wander around with no where to go for the time being... sweet! The reason I am going along this tangent tonight is because of how I have been acting for the last week, while I wouldn't say 'I haven't been myself lately'... because I have no idea what 'myself' means lol, I do know that I have at least been different then... usual.

Sigh... this is turning out rubbish... I can never ever blog unless I have my blogging vibe... which I don't have currently. A lot of the stuff I want to mention that really drives home my.. I dunno, 'creed' of having this blog to write down and document all the stupid, funny and down right unbelievable stuff that seems to happen to me on almost a daily basis.

I guess for starters there was one of my best weekends ever =D First there was Pow, which while wasn't the best, was eventful none the less. Saturday morning was blogged about so that was sweet (you can read the recap of Pow and Saturday morning in 'Morning ponder') , and after that, you guessed it, the powers of the universe made it happen, because then came Saturday night... and what a night it was!

Went out to a club in Melton called Q-lounge to see Jason's cousins bands play, the place was absolutely fantastic! I imagined it to be a small bar, truckies in the back corner... yeah thats all I can come up with... I'm tired. But on the contrary, it was up beat, great music, very lively, and full of absolute babes! Was fantastic! Was so good to spend time with my good mates, I don't get to see them very often anymore. I met a... 'chatterbox' girl called Jess, don't think I'll be seeing her again though lol.

Sunday I spent the day at the beach! Was such an awesome day, was hot but not too hot, the water was perfect, was just a really good day.

Sunday night was eventful as well lol. I have my favourite thinking and writing spot in Geelong that I love to go to for some solitude. It is by the bays edge, but hardly anyone knows about it because you need to climb down rocks to get to it. Problem is, I'm not living in Geelong anymore (for the time being) therefore I have decided I need a new spot closer to my Caroline Springs house. I went for a bike ride and traveled down some ways I have never been before. Long story short I ended up absolutely ages from home, and still couldn't find anywhere suitable. As my luck would have it when I finally did choose to sit down to do some writing in my book, I discovered that my pen had fallen out of my pocket... yep that sums up a typical day for me lol.

Anyways, on the way back home I stopped by a service station to pump up my tyres. Two chicks about 18 or so were already there with a bike, and with a car sitting behind them that had clearly been waiting for a while, which means these chicks were slow... great. By this stage it is about 8.30pm and I want to get home. I ride over and they request my help, one was pretty hot so of course I couldn't say no =P I pump up the front one for them (to their amazement mind you lol... these girls were absolutely clueless!). I move onto the back tyre and the dude from the car jumps out to hurry us up. He was about 28 and was pretty cool, wasn't being a prick about it or anything. I plug in the nozzle and the guy presses the button... the tyre was getting pretty full and I suggested to pull out but he insisted to keep going so... whatever lol.

Back tyre was finished, moved onto the front again (the dude reckons I didn't pump it up enough...), while filling it.... BANG! The back tyre had blown hahahaha! The girls, (who I am not kidding were dreadfully clueless about bikes) didn't register what had happened until we pointed out that the tyre was dead lol. I was holding in a laugh, and a feeling of regret (it was basically my fault, I should of pulled the nozzle out earlier) but didn't want to take the blame so I kept quiet lol. The girls were alright about it, and I recommended going into the service station to see if they sold tyre tubes.

Once they left the dude cracked up laughing saying 'those chicks were idiots, they put the PSI number way too high!'. He was deflecting all the blame onto them haha! I thought he would of blamed himself a little, or at the very least deflect some onto me, but nope, put it entirely onto them... funny.

Anyways I said my goodbyes, then the chicks called me over as I was about to ride off.

"They don't sell trye tubes, do you know where we can get some?"

"Hmm, I think Coles down the road might have some, give it a go. You girls all right heading there?" (It was dark by this stage, and I felt so bad lol).

"Yeah we'll be ok, thanks so much for your help!"

"My help? I'm sorry for popping your tyre on you"

"What? No way it wasn't your fault, you were a great help, it was that stupid guys fault, he kept pressing the button! What an idiot!"

So not only did they thank me, but they blamed the guy... which means they both blamed each other while I got let off haha! But I still felt bad... to make it all worst, turns out Coles doesn't sell bike tyre tubes lol.

It got me thinking though, it was so bad of me, imagine how smooth everything would of gone if I wasn't there. To sum up, I popped their tyre, got thanked for doing so, sent them to the service station to no avail, then I sent them to Coles which was about 1km away, which didn't even have tubes anyway, which requires them to walk even further back to their house, while carrying a bike that they can't ride home... in the dark! I was the worst thing that could of happened to them lol...

It was pretty funny though, and quite bazaar, but was just another typical day I guess.

Sigh... this wasn't the smoothest written blog I know, I am tired though and can't be bothered to spice it up a bit as I usually aim to do so... meh. I have got way more things to write about, I am actually developing a bit of a backlog. I have been pretty busy with work lately so I don't have time late at night like I used to, back when my blogs were a lot more frequent and meaningful. I hope that changes soon.

I am a little reluctant to post this... if you recall back to 'Unloading my mind' you will remember I have a... habit, of setting myself a bar of quality for everything I do. This blog doesn't meet that bar, but I guess in defiance to my bar-setting-ways I will post it anyway. Although reluctantly... with a bit of a cringe as I click the publish button lol...

Wonders how all this happens. Catch.



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