20 November 2009

Rover's experiment

I am currently sitting at Williamstown Beach, trying something new. No surprise it has turned out into nothing I expected, but it isn't too bad I guess. They are really nice people, I just don't think I fit in very well.

(Picture taken of an unsuspecting me by Sabbi)

But I am happy in the fact as at least I gave something new a go. I should learn from it, try to improve and prepare myself better for my next new endeavor. Whatever that may be.

All these people seem to be a really close nit group, something I so desperately miss... some day perhaps. I will go to a few events I think, see if new people show, or I might fit in after all. I guess this is how it might be for a little while, I can't expect to make new friends easily or quickly, it will be full of trials. I really think a sport would be the best idea. They are pretty funny though.

I hate how quiet of a person I am at times, I wish I was much more social. In my mind I know I can be, but I seem to lack willpower and confidence. Something I will work on no doubt.

Again like always I am making no impression lol... meh.


sabbii said...

I feel its about time we try another crew :) I'm going be fussy before i settle for a group :)

Out of Sync said...

Yeah for sure I'll be up for that, let's do it soon.

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