21 November 2009

Excuse the absence

Well, guess I should get my act together and continue writing these blogs, would hate to fall into the usual routine I always fall into of where I start a new project with the utmost enthusiasm and dedication, but before long my interests waves, or I run out of time for it, or some other petty excuse, and yet another endeavor goes to waste. I actually have a folder on my computer called 'Projects'... it is where all my grand ideas for a project are born, stored... and eventually forgotten. I really don't think I have finished any of them lol... terrible.

One of them was a modification for one of my favourite games, Oblivion. This project I spent the most amount of time on out of all them (probably even combined!), I was really into it. I actually spent 2 weeks straight just trying to work out the maths I needed for it, then once I had that down (was some impressive equations I might add lol), I then moved onto the design part... then... I don't know, again like the rest I lost interest and it is now laying dormant.

Anyways, moving on lol... wow I ramble so bad. Sigh... got Peter coming over in an hour to pick up something. I've been asking for days if he wants to hang out, and he was always busy apparently. Now he calls me this morning wanting to stop by to pick up some cd's of his... I thought he said he was busy today though?

In regards to my first paragraph, I guess I have been blogging, just not on here. Lately I have been spending a lot of time out and about (the nice weather draws me outside) and I have been blogging by hand in my book. Yes by hand, scary I know! I had planned to type them all up while at work, but work this week has been rather hectic (in a good way though, I crave chaos lol), so I never got the chance. But I am realizing now in my absence my backlog of topics to talk about has grown further, yikes!

I had originally gone into this blog with the intention of discussing the results of facing 'them' (as you can read the pre-facing at 'The time has come. Step up'), but as you've realized no doubt, I just seem to be rambling lol, so I guess it will have to wait for another day.

Well... think I might end this here, I really have nothing constructive to say at the moment, plus I am dying to play my drums =D

I am trying to learn 'Circa Survive - The difference between medicine and poison is in the dose', damn it's a tough one to play! He plays at... well actually I am not very good with the theory of music, I never bothered to learn haha! I play for the fun of it, forget the theory =P Well I know he plays damn fast, must be 16/4 beats on the hi-hat, which I can definitely do, but he does it for the entire song! That gets tiring really fast. On top of that he throws in a relatively simple base drum on 1 + e, with a snare on 2, but since I have to concentrate heaps on keeping the hi-hats at that speed I struggle to keep the base and snare in time lol. I played for about an hour yesterday and made fantastic progress, can't wait till I get the entire song down pact!

Would help if I had some proper drums to play lol... my entire kit needs a make over... coming soon! It was either use my surplus of money to fix my drum kit, or fix my car... you can assume which one I chose, and which one my mum forced me to choose lol.

Alrighty, that's all from me for now. Time for drums!


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