07 November 2009

Morning ponder

Hmm, well, it was meant to be a ponder, but I guess in my usual post-Pow state of mind, I am struggling to put together a sentence that doesn't sound like I am still drunk (which I'm not, in case you thought I continue my drinking into the next day lol. Also to clarify that no, I didn't drink to that extreme where I am still drunk the next day lol... well not this time anyway =P).

Need to clear my mind... it is very foggy at the moment, but I really want to write a blog as I had my blogging vibe (which is blasphemy to ignore)... more sleep would of helped!

How the hell do you spell... predujice... no that's not right... predujis... what the hell am I trying to do lol. I know how to spell it I swear, damn you brain, stop being sluggish! Ah, 'prejudice'... durrr... thanks to my very wise friend Google for the answer!

I find myself on this fantastic morning outside in my aunties backyard, sitting on the outdoor furniture with my feet up, just enjoying the blissful quietness of the perfect weather we have today. The sun is shining in its awesome brilliance, with not a cloud in the sky, and the perfect of slight breezes. Hmm, almost as if the world is retaliating against me, the wind has picked up lol, oh well all good, my mood will not be blown away (pun intended =P) that easily!

Going through the usual post-Pow recovery mode at the moment... Yay for music! Currently I have Paramore playing, great stuff.

Plans for today? Well, the beauty of my awesome job is I get weekends off, sweet!

Brb getting breakfast!

Back! Eating it now. I avoid milk after a drinking night, so I settled with a ham, cheese and mayonaise sandwhich sweet! I would of toasted it (as any sane person should) but I am at my aunties house therefore don't know how to use her appliances... I can barely use the ones at home lol. I have about 5 layers of ham on each lol.

Pow was a little dissapointing last night, but I have learned that it is not the organizers fault but rather the evil, old, out dated beings that sit at our local council. Apparently some liquor license enforcer guys recently told Pow that they must limit the amount of people they have out in the beer garden... so check this, we have to LINE UP to get outside... what! Sometimes it takes a good 10 minutes just to get outside... and beers run through me so by the time I get outside I am busting for the toilet and either have to stand there like a retard as I hold it in, or sacrifice my place in the beer garden by going inside. Tough choices like that shouldn't need to be made!

The music was great, a fantastic local band known as Obsidieth played last night and seriously rocked the place something sweet! The crowd got really into it which was great to see... I avoided the mosh pit after the incident last time lol... but was funny to stand by and watch as drunk people run head first into other drunk people haha! One of my good mates it turns out, must of been mosh pitting a little too eagerly and pissed off these 2 guys while doing so. I seen later my friend apologise to one of the dudes, and the fucker punched him! Well two of them did actually, 2 on 1, cowardly much? I ran over to jump in and they ran off... my mate is all good though, just sporting a black eye this morning lol.

Pow used to be my all time favourite place... I'd hate to loose another thing that I cherish. Well that sounded a little strange lol, it isn't the 'physical venue' per se that I cherished, but rather the combination of it being local (as opposed to traveling to the city every week), my favourite type of music and hearing my all time favourite songs (being friends now with the DJ helps lol, he always plays my requests!), a... well 99% of the time, friendly and casual crowd, heaps of old mates who are regulars, and a heap of new friends I have made during my years of going who I actually never speak to outside of Pow but am able to catch up with them when I am there. Yep, that sums it up nicely I think =)

It is currently 1.28pm, the weather is still perfect, what an awesome day. This blog has taken me like 3 hours to write lol, I kept getting distracted. Tonight I am out with some best mates, Jason and Karl, to see Jason's cousins band play at a pub/bar which should be awesome as.

Haha speaking of 'pub/bar' the other day I was chatting to Sabbi, and I went to say 'pub' but I accidentally mixed together pub and bar and said 'par' lol, then when I went to correct myself I said 'bub' LOL! I mixed them twice hahaha damn that was funny lol. Hmm, or maybe it was one of those 'you had to be there' moments =P

Lately at work I have been spending a lot of time searching for new blogs to follow. There are some classics out there that's for sure! Some people are simply hilarious, I really look up to those type of people as they portray some loose image of how life is meant to be lived, full of mischief and humour! =D Once I build a small collection I will definitely recommend some, I love reading about how other people live their lives, what fun people can think of, new ideas, their hopes, achievements, dreams, plans for the future. Not that I enjoy reading about other peoples lives because 'mine is so boring'. Not at all! I just find it interesting that is all.

I would like to publicly apologise to Sabbi for waking her up at 3.30am this morning lol, sorry! But to prove how awesome she is, instead of hanging up on me, she actually stayed up to chat, how cool! Although I use the word 'chat' loosely... as I remember towards the end of the convo I started to get really hazy and was talking absolutely rubbish lol.

"Tell her off in Italian" "How will that help?" "Hmm dunno, I didn't think that far ahead" LOL!

I might leave this blog here, I could go on for hours though! Really loving sitting in the sun with this breeze right now (yay for laptops!), got some Blink 182 playing at the moment also. Life is sweet.

Take it easy everyone! Blog more also!


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