16 November 2009

Insert blog here...

Start the blog, insert here...Error: Blogging vibe not detected!

Command: 'Manual override of writing blog'

Command accepted, proceed with blog...

As you can see from the status update of my blog writing program (BlogWriter5000) it has reported that my blogging vibe cannot be detected. This is usually a fatal error, which stops me from blogging, but I have opted to override the error and blog anyway. Hmm, some music will help... Circa Survive it is!

Oh oh! Circa Survive my many readers *sarcasm* are a fantastic new band that I accidentally stumbled accross, that I really can't get enough of at the moment. They are nothing to what I would usually listen to... they are, wait for it... mellow! Argh! But, to my surprise, I absolutely love them! In the chaotic life I seem to live, that chaos seems to seep down into my choice of music, so I usually enjoy high tempo songs that I can really get into, bang my head to the beat as I sit at work, or sing at the top of my lungs as I power through the streets in Baz (my car), and it is a given that the volume is to the max. Circa Survive on the other hand, while some songs are pretty high tempo, they seem to posses a touch of harmonics to their songs that sits subtltely just out of ear shot, but still gives you a calming, enlightening feeling deep within.

I have found myself on many occasions lately sitting on my favourite beach chair, ipod in my ears, sun on my face, listening to them and falling into a deep trance of sorts, allowing my mind to wander and the tunes to take me there. My favourite song of theirs so far is 'Circa Survive - The only difference between medicine and poison is in the dose'. Huge title lol. Pump it to the max and tell me what you think!

I am currently sitting on Sabrina's back porch, relaxing after my extremely hectic, tiring and never ending weekend that has just come to pass in hopefully a relaxing end. I'll leave this here for the moment until my blogging vibe has genuinelly returned, as I am struggling to think of what to write.



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