04 November 2009

A quick catch up!

Today something possibly catastrophic happened... my main friends (who are friends with 'them') have possibly found out about this quiet little blog of mine... ah! Well I freaked out of course lol, as at the time I couldn't quite remember what I had and hadn't written about, and knew that if they read it, it would cause a scene bigger then any I could of orchestrated even if I tried! This got me spending a considerable amount of time (while at work of course, where I do most of my blog editing haha) re-reading all my old blogs for any possible incriminating slander against the persons in questions. Conveniently for me, I hadn't written anything too drastic (well, not on any of my publicly shown blogs that is lol), besides the casual 'I hate them', which I'd be fine if they read that =P

Hmm, damn I ramble too much... get to the point already! The reason for this quick late night blog is after re-reading my old blogs, I realized I never provide an update! If I had any followers I would assume that they may actually be interested enough to want to be updated on how a few of the things I have mentioned have played out, or even myself in a few years time might want to read an update in case I have forgotten the outcome.

Alas, I bring you 'A quick catch up!'

Update number 1: Chelsea! If you remember back from my blog 'lol how do I get myself in these messes' you would of learned about the adorable dog that wandered into my life when I least expected it. At the time we were unsure of where she was from or who owned her, but we were happy to keep her if her real owners couldn't be found. I can announce that this story had a happy ending, as the owner was found when we learned from our local vet that a dog matching Chelsea's description had recently become lost.

The owner was over the moon and couldn't thank us enough for the hospitality we gave Chelsea. Oh yeah, it turns out her real name was Sky, but to me she will always be Chelsea =D She was a breath of fresh air to my life, and I feel honoured to have met her, good luck in the future Chelsea!

Update number duo: From the same post as 'Update number 1', you would of learned about my... boat buying debacle... which was quite an experience to say the least haha. Luckily for my friend Josh and myself, we managed to get the seller to pass the boat onto the next highest bidder... phew! Imagine if the seller said no, we would of been stuck with a $500 boat that's 4 hours away, that had a broken tyre on its trailers, with absolutely no idea where to store it... which sounded just up my alley of adventure but Josh wouldn't have it lol, next time for sure! Oh by the way, buying a boat isn't out of the question, so expect more boat news in the future =D

Update number three: I was never sure what I was going to do with this blog once I declared it under construction... 'Insanely awesome day!'. It was a monumental blog to say the least due to the fact that the 5 or so blogs before it were somewhat depressing, so it was a nice change as well as quite a shock to actually have had something fun and upbeat to blog about. However, maybe it was because I was tired, or more likely, because I went against my blogging vibe (my blogging vibe is real I swear!), but for some reason the blog turned out absolutely terrible. It lacked flow, it became dull, it rambled... just didn't have that kick. I actually have a saved copy of the real blog on my laptop... but nah, I think it will remain away from the eyes from my readers, it's for the best lol. I do love the comments though, was a nice change from the usual isolation my blog seems to posses.

Update the forth: Back in 'Today was... eventful'... which the guys at work found particularly humorous lol, I mentioned how I have learned from that ordeal to avoid all BP service stations... I can proudly and rebelliously declare that 1 week on, I am sticking to my new creed! Join me people, the empire (much like Star Wars mind you) must fall! Join the rebellion... may the force be with you.

Update 6 - 1: As it currently stands from 'Missing the sound wave...'... it looks pretty likely that I am still going to miss out lol... the same goes for 'Missing the monster lan as well...'.

Update VI: And, extremely recently I mentioned 'Sandwhiches, backyard porch, Macbook and Dr Suess'. I said I was going to blog about my Friday night at Pow, my awesome Saturday night where I went to a Masquerade Ball, and a review of E-Games Expo. Sabrina did a fantastic recap of Friday night... and due to the fact I can't remember Friday night very well it is fair to say that she has done a much better recap then anything I could of stitched together haha! And my Saturday night recap and E-Games review are still to come!

I know I probably rambled a bit, but to be honest I just enjoyed adding links lol, makes it look much more in-depth then it really is =P

Update 53\/3|\|: It would be silly of me not to provide an update to my most dominant topic at this given time... my situation. I know I for one will never forget the outcomes of these, but I guess it is nice to amuse myself of the idea that people may actually follow my topics lol. In blog 'Unloading my mind', towards the end, I mentioned how I had the chance to face them for the first time. You would of learned no doubt that I chose not to face them... cowardly I know. In honesty I look back now and do regret it, it was the perfect setting, time... it is never going to be easy I know, but it needs to be done. Still hurts like hell though lol. To bring you up to speed, I am still yet to see them... but wait a minute and give me some credit before you jump to unjust conclusions! I haven't not seen them out of fear or avoidance, it has legitimately been due to the fact that there hasn't been an occasion for me to do so. This is changing, next Friday to be exact, where I as well as 'them'... will be present within the same facility. That event will obviously require a separate updating blog of its own, but I wanted to give this small... sneak peak if you will. It also helps to write it down, doing so brings me back to reality that it will happen regardless of what I do or say.

In summary I would also like to mention that my blog will be undergoing some changes over the next 2 weeks. For starters I want to add more pictures as walls of unbroken text isn't very appealing (thanks Martyn for pointing that out!). I will also be changing what I blog about which is in direct correlation to the fact that I myself have changed a lot over the last few weeks. My blogs have been quite a bit more light heartened (even with the string of bad luck and events that have occurred lately lol) which is a fantastic sign of the changing times =D

Which brings me to the finale of updates: When will the old me start to return?.. as first mentioned in 'Unknown'... I think he moved in down the street ;) Not long now!

Hope you enjoy reading these as much as I enjoy writing them!


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