03 February 2012

LivingItUp: Night at the Cricket

Another post in my 'Living It Up While I Still Can' series where I try and do as much fun activities with friends and family as I can possibly squeeze in before I take off for hopefully a year abroad in New York City starting March 2012.

I'll warn you now that this post isn't anything special, and probably isn't even worth the read, and is instead mostly for my personal safekeeping in which I want to document the fun things I do while still at home before I jetset overseas in a little over a months time!

Tonight my dad, my friend Brendan and myself went to see a game of 20-20 Cricket at the absolutely magnificent Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG). This sports ground is amazing, I love coming here whenever I can. Mostly I come for Australian Football League (AFL) games which is just so cool, but in Summer time in Australia it is the season of Cricket =D
The game has started, look how nice the stadium is.

Soon started to get dark.

The half-time entertainment was one of the stupidest ideas ever... who thought letting off smoke-producing fireworks in a stadium is a good idea!?

Yeah... not the greatest idea, ha!
After the game.

Australia frustratingly lost the match... which seems to happen every time I actually go to see one, but oh well, it is definitely the social company and atmosphere that makes the night memorable.

In particular to me at least was hanging out with Brendan, it kind of signifies how much my life has changed for the immeasurable better over the last 6 months... I really have not a clue how it happened, and it makes me not even want to go on my trip because of it. A little over 6 months ago I was posting rather depressing stuff like this, declaring how sad and lonely I was feeling in life... and now in such a short amount of time I am hanging out with only newly gained friends (Brendan in this case) whom it feels like I have known a life time. And he is only one of nearly a dozen newly gained amazing friends... life is strange is all I conclude with.


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