08 February 2012

Flights booked - Check!

I am on fire! Organizing stuff for this trip to America like a pro! Usually I am the worst at getting myself organized... weddings, parties, deadlines... without a doubt I'll always forget something or be terribly late, so I am rather proud that I have actually managed to get all this stuff done on my own.

Perhaps I am growing up?

Because guys, it was only last week that my Visa got approved and yesterday... I booked my flights!

Yes, wow... that sounds way too official, like this-trip-is-actually-happening-and-isn't-just-my-wild-ramblings kind of official. To be honest it still hasn't really hit me that I am leaving, but I am like this before every trip I take so I'm not too concerned. The plan thus far is to leave from my home of Melbourne, Australia to leave for Sydney, Australia on March 19th, stay at my Aunties house for a few days, then on the 22nd make my way for a direct flight to Los Angeles, America.

And the plan from there? Well... one doesn't really exist as yet to be honest, the only thing locked in is that I dream to live in New York City for at least a couple of months (the idea to be able to claim that I've lived in NYC is going to be one of my life's greatest achievements), but beyond that I really have not a clue. The list of things I must see is growing, and I can't decide on anything really and am thinking of just winging it.

Although lately there has been a lot of thought put into the possibility of cruising the entire Route 66 from West to East which is sounding pretty tempting =D

But alas, who knows what will happen! 5 short weeks to go... got to live it up at home while I still can. Starting to miss home already.


S. Love said...

Aw, you're all grown up too. Doesn't it feel good? And a little scary? Haha. Good job and congratulations!

Kathy Schneider said...

Awesome, way to go!

Out of Sync said...

Thanks girls =) Not long to go!

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