24 February 2012

LivingItUp: Dinner and crazy dance moves

Another post in my 'Living It Up While I Still Can' series where I try and do as much fun activities with friends and family as I can possibly squeeze in before I take off for hopefully a year abroad in New York City starting March 2012.

Weekends like the one just passed honestly makes me not want to leave for America. The last six months have been incredible and I have been having some of the best times with friends, with Saturday night just gone being one of the most ridiculous but most epic fun ones I have ever had.

I was with the now usual gang of 5 friends... you know the one, that absolutely amazing group whom I have only fairly recently become a permanent member of... that same group that she is apart of. Anyway suffice to say that these guys and girls are pretty memorable on even an ordinary hang out.

My best mate from home came down so already I knew the night was going to be great. The plan was meant to be a simple dinner and movies, so Jason and I figured we'd have a beer before we meet with the gang... or three! We obviously took a taxi into town (don't drink and drive people!), dinner was a bit of a blur, there was great conversations, my favourite company, and good food.

I was happy.

A low point suddenly hit me when conversation turned to the group's upcoming University graduation ceremonies (they've all recently graduated last year)... which I obviously won't be around to see. I disconnected myself from the conversations and reflected, counting myself lucky to have such fun times like this on a regular basis, wondering how I even got myself to this point, then realizing that I will soon be leaving it all behind. Talks turned to upcoming birthdays... another thing I will be missing out on.

Before I could dwell on it further it was time to leave.

Somewhere along the way plans got changed and we were skipping the movie and instead heading back to one of their houses. That means time for more beers, fine by me! We put on cheesy pop songs from the 90's (Barbie Girl by Aqua anyone?), drank beers and wine, and I remember in my half drunken state I tried to pull off my swing dance skills (I'm still keeping up with the lessons!). We danced in that loungeroom for hours, to the worst songs ever, singing at the top of our lungs. There was stupid jokes, some serious talks about my upcoming trip, then some stupidly fun dancing with Polly which was awesome.

At... I don't know what time... when had we arrived there? It had only felt like we'd been there 30 minutes but it must have been at least 3 hours, Jason and I finally bid our farewells and stumbled down the road to my house. We talked a lot on the way home. I have known this guy for 11 years now. I can't quite remember what we talked about but I know I appreciated whatever was said.

We were all such idiots that night, but the best kind of idiots, the invigorating kind that you can only be when you are sincerely comfortable with the people around you, where you can be completely yourself with no worries about being judged, or laughed at, or frowned upon... to be able to release that inner-free-silly-spirit that everyone has inside of them but sadly rarely get to let show.

It was a rather fond memory of how living free whilst young can be so... simply awesome.


Jas said...

I live for moments like those. I have been meaning a piece about my quest for that picture perfect, sitcome worthy group of friends. I have weaved in and out of some fine packs in my life, but the sad part is that people ultimately come and go.

Enjoy it! Enjoy every minute of it that you can. It's so incredibly precious.

Out of Sync said...

'Quest' is indeed an appropriate word to describe it. At times it is hard, sometimes the journey is long, but once you complete it the reward is great =)

Yes, it is so precious. Memories like this last for a very long time.

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