06 February 2012

Introducing myself, to myself

After spending the past Saturday completely isolated (by choice) by hiding out in my backyard and relaxing in my hammock for the entire afternoon, I put a lot of effort into thinking about some topics that will help me figure a lot of stuff out:
1. My personalities (in other words, who am I)
2. What's important to me (what do I believe in)
3. What do I want to do in life (most likely the result from the two points above)

Here is my attempt to dot down who I am.

The motivation to break myself down into my 'split personalities' came from this YouTube video by user Sillysparrowness (real life name Astrid, who is pretty much in my 'top ten coolest people I've ever seen' list). Anyways, she brought up the very valid topic that no one is ever just one-dimensional, so I wanted to attempt to establish all my dimensions to help clarify myself, to myself... or something like that. So here is what I think I am made of:

Dreamer - Rarely a day goes by where I haven't imagined a world and life much more exciting then my own. That's not to say that my life is boring, on the contrary I have a fun activity going on nearly every day of the week (I even have a series running at the moment called 'LivingItUp')... but that doesn't stop me dreaming up something better. This trait is one of my favourites as it allows for the creative spirit required for me create a unique life for myself, and it provides motivation by always having my 'dream' future to work towards. The downside I guess is that I should appreciate what I already have a bit more.

Enthusiastic - I am interested in too much stuff! I am obviously already traveling to New York City soon, but I am already wanting to live in China sometime, and visit Sweden, teach at my Univeristy again someday, get better at Swing Dancing. Then there is the intellectual interests; learn a new language, my constant reading of NewScientist.com despite the fact I don't have a background in science, ideas on a book to write... no where near enough time to do them all. But it's ok, it keeps me active and forever busy at least, and more importantly makes life fun =)

Lazy - I have a severe flaw where I struggle to finish anything that I've started. Although while it can appear that this is due to simple laziness, in fairness I think it mainly stems from being a Dreamer and an Enthusiast. I get (and am already) interested in far too many things far too easily that often times projects I begin get superseded by another new one before long. Still... the list of unfinished projects is dreadfully long (and growing longer every year), something that if addressed I know would make my life much more fulfilling... but I guess I'll get around to it, eventually. 

Smart/Resourceful - While I am not a stunning genius, I am definitely no slouch when it comes to intelligence. I make it a priority to stay informed about a range of topics (much easier by my tendency to be interested in just about every relevant topic on the planet) and I excel at just about every task I am handed. Additionally I seem to be rather resourceful, although I admit I am not entirely sure how as I don't seem to be doing it entirely consciously, yet I somehow seem to navigate through life rather well (eg. being financially sound, having a high-class job, solid note worthy friends, my travels). This is something I am proud about, yet extremely cautious of as I don't truly know the limits of what I can and can't do and would hate to get in over my head.

Anxious - Couple a few of the above traits together and it paints the picture of one rather fast moving mind, one with a seemingly endless swirl of ideas and information. I do struggle quite a lot to simply 'live in the moment' and remain calm at times with so much always going on, and with my belief that I have some very strange luck (both good and bad), I for some reason have a hard time to not over-think just about everything. I blogged about this recently in concern to my upcoming trip to NYC. This is something I am always working on, and try my best not to let it interfere with life (to varying success).

Loyal - Loyalty is something I definitely don't joke around with, if you are worth my time and I count you as a true friend, expect me to be there for you no matter what. I do a hell of a lot for my friends, sometimes even when I really can't be bothered, but I'll do it anyway because that's what mates are for. This applies not just to friends, but also to companies and workplaces.. I love this trait but it is a very dangerous one, ripe to be taken advantage of.

Friendly - I am really friendly and will always try my best to greet a new person with respect and open mindedness (something I have gained from my travels). While it takes a lot to become a true friend (see Loyal) I will gladly count you as an acquaintance. In life I have two main groups of very good friends, and then a foot in about 3 other circles of friends whom are all completely different from one another. It makes for a very varied and diverse social life, with always something different going on, and the amount you can learn from the most unexpected people is amazing.

Proactive -  Despite my constant battle with the Lazy trait, the Dreamer, Enthusiast and Smart/Resourceful dimensions seem to be somewhat sufficient in overpowering it and I actually (eventually at least) manage to do a lot of the stuff I want to do. Every now and then I actually manage to complete some pretty monumental achievements, and am pretty proud of my blog archive (eg. the Life List page). I hate people who speak of all these things they have always wanted to do, but then never actually go do them and simply spill out a list of excuses of why... alas I actively try and be the opposite of these people.

Yes... ok, after about ten revisions I think this is the most accurate summary I can come up with. I still feel there is at least another five dimensions I should add but alas. Each trait reflects and influences another, and each trait plays a very crucial part in my life choices; the Dreamer quality is my the basis of my NYC trip, Enthusiasm is why I am always trying new activities (Swing dance lessons and Yoga for instance), Anxious is basically the reason behind 50% of my posts ha. Hmm, yes, I am actually surprisingly pleased how this turned out.

I'd really like to read anyone's own attempt at this, let me know if you do one and I'll link your blog on this post.

S.Love has done her own version which was very cool of her. It also appears we are somewhat alike ha. I highly recommend giving her blog a read also as she is on my 'My Favourite Blogs to Follow' list.


S. Love said...

We are a lot alike. I'm definitely going to post my own version but I think you'll see a lot of the same.
BTW, my computer keeps warning me that your site might give me a virus or malware or something dangerous. I ignore it because I think your blog is worth it. But if you've seen a drop in views or anything, that's probably why. :]

Out of Sync said...

Awesome, I am way excited to read your own version! Oh win it has already been posted, I will go read it right this minute =P

Yikes... you are the second (or maybe even third) person to tell me that in the past week. Yes I have noticed a slight drop of late... I shall look into it, thanks for letting me know.

Heath said...

One question that I find helps to work out who you are and what you want is 'If money was not an issue, what would you like to be doing with your time?'

Great blog by the way and good luck with the US move. As someone from Melbourne who has now been in the UK for nearly 4 years, I can definitely recommend doing it. You will miss odd things (like I miss Arnott's BBQ shapes)


Out of Sync said...

Heath - I've tried answering that question for years, the problem is it isn't just one thing I want to do with my time, but is like 10 haha.

Thanks man that means a lot coming from you, I've been following your website since when you were still in Australia, I even have one of your Project183 magnets =D

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