21 February 2012

What's important to me

After spending the past Saturday completely isolated (by choice) by hiding out in my backyard and relaxing in my hammock for the entire afternoon, I put a lot of effort into thinking about some topics that will help me figure a lot of stuff out:
1. My personalities (or in other words, who am I)
2. What's important to me (what do I believe in)
3. What I want to do in life (most likely the result from the two points above)

Here is my attempt at answering 'What's important to me'

So this is part two of my three part self discovery series where after trying to establish what my personality is (read the top paragraph), I now want to attempt to figure out what is important to me. And I don't mean shallow things like 'my best friend means the world to me!!!'... I am talking about those deep down passions and connections everyone has about only a select handful of topics. And I apologize in advance that some of these points below may come across as also a bit of a rant... I get really passionate about certain topics.

- The environment is something I am rather passionate about. I really hate the careless wasting of resources (materials, food, water, energy), lives (both humans and animals), and the unneeded destruction of lands and oceans that you see on the news every day. The idea of energy efficiency, renewable energy, resource re-usability and resource efficiency (materials, gas etc) fascinates me.

- Keeping fit and healthy is both a passion and a way of life. Whilst I have always been semi-fit my entire life (always very slim) and never really ate much junk food anyway, in the last 6 months I have really upped my dedication, working out 3 times every single week and cutting out junk food almost entirely. I am confident that this will stay with me forever, and I am always trying to encourage people to attempt the same (it isn't that hard, seriously!).

- Doing something with meaning in life. I don't want to work somewhere, or do anything, if I don't feel that it is helping me (or the community, or the world) move forward in some way. Whether we are advancing a technology, or helping a community build better facilities, or educating people with a new skill... it just has to be better then it was before the work began. Perhaps a job that falls into this category could be teaching, or diplomacy, or perhaps something to do with business sustainability (eg. improving the energy and resource efficiency of businesses).

- The idea of love is quite a big motivator for me. I obviously have all these big dreams of what I want to achieve in the future, and of course there is also my love of travel, and I am also so passionate about certain stuff, that I guess I've always liked the idea of finding someone who can do all that with me. To join me on my journey kind of thing, and for them to be someone that I could help them and accompany them on their own journey also. But unlike the points above, this one is outside my control!

- My rebellion against modern society. I hate how people are far too materialistic, brain washed by marketing, too money focused, food focused (seen any obesity statistics lately? It's frightening), and so uncaring about other peoples lives outside their own. We live in a world where more money is spent on advertising fast food annually than is spent researching on a cure for cancer.

Who says we must live a certain way? We are almost forced to spend the majority of our lives sitting at a crappy job, 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, just so we can have the essentials of life (somewhere to live, food). And all this I believe stems from the stupidly rich multinational corporations and governments, with their policies and greed to keep only the people at the top rich.

Then, there is the behaviour of our society that distresses me so. Too many people seem to feel the need to buy the biggest house and the nicest TV and the coolest car they possibly can. What ever happened to living modestly? I personally do not care what brand my clothes are and where I bought them from, or that I drive a crapbox car around, or that I don't own a TV or any game consoles (only my PC of course). This is not the result of not being to afford any of it, it is simply because I strongly do not believe this is what our species was intended to evolve into.

In other words, life is meant to be lived through experiences, not possessions!

- Which brings me onto my last but most important, living life beyond the norm is my highest priority above all else I would have to say. If you are pursuing a dream, or working on a hobby, or trying something new for the first time (often just for the sake of doing something different) then I will instantly be drawn to you and would love to hear your story. It doesn't have to be grand either, you just need to be getting out there and living life. This way of thinking is what drives my entire being, it is why I have accomplished all the things I have, and why I have the big dreams I am working towards.

Cool, so, I guess that's the primary ones at least, there are of course many other things in life that I cherish (music, friends) but these above are what I believe truly defines me as a person. I think basically in conclusion it appears I have this certain way I view the world, and then I have a view of how I would like it to be instead (less materialistic, healthy and happier people, less destruction)... so I guess in a way I am, without really realizing, simply trying to live by example almost? That is definitely not to imply I am perfect and should be considered a role model however.

It is nice to know I do try and stick to my core beliefs as best as I can at least, although no matter how many times I re-read this post it still feels like I am missing something important. I guess that's the problem with being human, we are too complex, you can never just 'sum up' an individual into neat little dot points =)


Jez said...

"Life is meant to be lived through experiences, not possessions"

Now that is something to live by! Possessions depreciate over time and become dull with use, where as a good experience stays fresh and with you for eternity, becoming something you can put some grounding on and grow from. That's a great ideal to have!

Out of Sync said...

I am not surprised that you can connect so easily with that line Jez, your blog is full of experiences =)

Haha and yes, possessions do depreciate. I am sure watching LOTR on a big new TV is fun... but it doesn't quite compare to the feeling of winning a race, or learning a new skill, or experiencing a different culture ;)

Out of Sync said...

Not to mention the IMPACT on your self from winning a race, learning a new skill, or experiencing a different culture =D

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