04 February 2012

Time to live with less worry and more excitement

In my constant pursuit to find interesting new blogs to follow I stumbled across one with this quote on the header:

"Be careful what you water your dreams with.
Water them with worry and fear, 
and you will produce weeds that choke
the life from your dreams.
Water them with optimism and solutions,
and you will cultivate success."

Not the best motivational metaphor to be honest, but the general idea is true enough, and as I read it a realization suddenly hit me rather profoundly... I have been spending way too much time leading up to my trip to New York City worrying and stressing, and I just had to stop and ask myself seriously "what is worrying going to accomplish?"

The answer to that is obviously nothing, there is nothing to come from worrying. And I know this, I always have, but I also know that it is just who I am. While I am not going to be so bald as to say 'from now on I am never going to worry about the trip ever again'... because I know that would be impossible of myself, I will at least make a sincere effort to turn my attitude around.

I mean, of course I am excited about the trip, honestly! I know my blog posts don't really give that impression sometimes but that is only because I usually use my blog to sort through problems or confusing thoughts (and not really just to talk about my good fortune), hence the many posts about worrying that 'it will all be a waste of time' and so on.  But yes, I am excited, very much so.

I guess I have never been one for 'beginnings' of journeys and always much prefer to already be half way through them. Even with my recent trip to China I was fretting quite excessively leading up to the departure date... only to find by the time I was a few days into the trip I never wanted to leave!

I am sure this trip will be somewhat the same =)

Maybe I just need to learn relax ha. It is comforting to realize I am at least improving substantially all the time... this time last year I was a mental wreck, and even worst the year before that. We all have our own issues, and I am working on mine.

At the very least I will never let them get in the way of living no matter how bad it gets.


Tabitha said...

Worrying is probably my biggest downfall. For as long as I can remember, I have always been a worrier. I worry about not worrying.

It's something I'm working on, but it's been a hard journey to get there.

Out of Sync said...

"I worry about not worrying" Haha, made me laugh!

I guess the best we can do is acknowledge it and try our best to work it out. It would be a shame for simple anxiety to stop you from doing something in life.

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