16 February 2012

My Valentines Day (aka I got my Tattoo!)

Valentines Day, full of romance, flowers, love... and all that kind of stuff. Luckily for me I am single (which I am really enjoying by the way) so I didn't have to worry about any of that and instead had a date of my own lined up *beware of incoming super cheesy joke*, a date with ink that is =)

Because my best mate Jason and I finally fulfilled our 5 year in the making promise to some day get tattoos!

We've been talking about getting tattoos for literally 5 or more years now, around the time we turned 18 was when it first came about. Back in July last year I was playing around with one particular tattoo idea, and then with the announcement that I was moving to NYC in 2012 did I really sit down and take the steps needed to make it all happen.

The fact that our appointment fell on that day was actually pretty funny and purely by chance (cause... yeah, what two bros purposely plan to have a tattoo on Valentines Day?). We didn't even realize what February 14th was until the lady behind the desk said "oh, nice, Valentines Day" did Jason and I actually click that it was. We both laughed and realized we have both been out of the dating game for quite a while ha.

I ended up sticking with my original design of having some script along my inner left arm that says:

"If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything"


The calligraphy turned out incredible:

I really love the font and how the detail and clarity of the letters came out.

Apologies for the poor quality of the pictures, I had to take them myself, and the iPhone doesn't take great photos in poor light. I will update with better ones when I get the chance.

The end result looks superb, the level of detail, style and clarity in the letters is beyond impressive, I really couldn't of asked for it to turn out looking any cooler than it already does. It is a few days old now and my mind is having quite a difficult time grasping the idea that there is now a permanent new addition to my body, it is rather surreal knowing that this is now apart of me for as long as I live.

And that adds another item checked off the Lift List!


Hannah Marie said...

You're awesome!!!

Was it painful?

And this is 20x better than having a Valentines date...at least you know who will stay put longer.(hehe I can't help with the bad jokes either)

S. Love said...

Oh wow! It turned out amazing! And I know a little bit about tattoos, haha. I love the way it flows. And I bet it didn't hurt as bad as you thought it would.
I'm really jealous because I want a new one so bad but I have to wait another month for my birthday to come up. :]

Out of Sync said...

Hannah - Yeah it does hurt, but is definitely bearable, after the first five minutes it was quite easy to let my mind wander and not even notice it anymore. Haha, bad jokes are the best kind of jokes =D

S.Love - Cool thanks. And yeah you are right, I was expecting just 2 hours of agony... but yeah it wasn't bad at all lol. Awesome can't wait to see the new one =D

Kathy Schneider said...

It looks great. I love the placement and the quote!

Jez said...

Hey that's pretty awesome! I've got 'getting a tattoo' as part of my bucket list too! Though I don't think I'll get one as big as yours! Looks good!

Out of Sync said...

Kathy - Thanks =)

Jez - Thanks bud. And dude, you definitely have to live it up, go big! =P

Jas said...

Damn. That's a gorgeous tat. Nice!

Out of Sync said...

Thanks Jas =)

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