28 November 2010

Upon the eve

Well, here we are, the day before my thesis is due.

It was been quite a journey, it was good to document it as I went, it will be great to look over once all this is complete.  Although, to be fair, it isn't over yet, not quite anyway.

At this very moment in time I am at a pretty awesome 17,811 words and 75 pages.  It is by far the biggest piece of work I have ever for my studies, and from what is done so far I am actually rather proud of it to say the least.  As the title says, today marks the eve it the due date... will I finish?  Majority is complete, it really is just my Discussion chapter that needs completing (read: starting)... ha!

This week I made fantastic progress, managing 1,200 words on Thursday!

Friday I went terrible managing nearly no words due to a terrible headache I have been experiencing for quite some time now... which since yesterday is completely gone! The difference is amazing! Friday (well, the entire week really) was just so painful, it was impossible to write with a massive headache.  Yesterday (Saturday) I decided to wear my sunglasses while staring at the computer screen, thinking maybe the headache was caused by the excessive amount of time spent in front of computers lately... and it worked =D  With the headache gone I managed an awesome 1,200 words, with the finish line within grasp.

Over the weekend (yes, I spent my entire weekend at Uni also) I completed a pretty good 1,800 words, which sets me up fairly well for completion by (hopefully) tomorrow, if not then the next day. 

I suspect this will be my last post for a until then, the end is near!


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