26 November 2010

Can't sleep...

Sigh... 1.30am on a Friday morning, all day I had a massive headache, could barely keep my eyes open, and now when it comes to night time I just as tired but can't bring myself to sleep.  Good job body, good to know you've got your self organized and under control after these 22 years...

My apologies... no surprise that I am a little grumpy right now, so I am guessing this post will double as a rant... hopefully to make me feel better.  Perhaps I am just stressed? My thesis is due in 4 days after all, but I'm not sure that is 100% the cause for this late hour blogging.  It is strange as that is most likely the reason, but I pause myself, take a breadth and try to unravel what's on my mind and thesis isn't really on the forefront.

Although stress can indeed work in mysterious ways.

I have had a lot of health issues of late also...which is making my thesis writing that much more difficult (related perhaps?).  Just been having big headaches and dizzyness periodically and seemingly randomly through the day.  About 2 months ago it began and lasted for 3 weeks... then like magic it just disappeared... but alas, as my shithouse luck would have it, it returned again about 5 days ago now and causes me a great deal of pain and discomfort.

What annoys me the most is how I spend a considerable amount of time, effort and money is taking care of myself, mostly in regards to my diet, to which seems to account for nothing.  I eat wholemeal bread instead of white, avoid sweets completely, am constantly eating a good variety of foods like tomato, tuna, lettuce, cheese, steaks, chicken, mushrooms, beans.  I had indoor soccer once a week, and caught the bus everyday for my weekly exercise, drink plenty of water, and besides the no more then once a week take out you could say I am definitely a healthy person.

So why can look at my housemates who eat junk nearly everyday, never any vegetables or fruit, are smokers, drink constantly... and they can sleep and wake up and be nice and awake for the day with no worries at all...

Anyways, oh well, whatever I guess.  I know things will get better, they always do.  I am feeling quite a bit better after one of my best mates just happened to still be awake also, so had a chat to him on msn.

One thing though... and this happens always really.  Times like this I really do hate being single.  What I wouldn't give to just have someone here by my side, even just to distract me from the tough issues, to maybe just be like 'hey, let's just go for a random drive', just to forget about everything even for a little while.  Which sure, I could do that on my own, but it isn't the same ha.

Got a busy 3 days ahead with Thesis being due Monday... wish me luck!


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