24 November 2010

Final days!

Woah, what's this? Currently midnight on a Tuesday might, meaning my thesis is due in only 5 days!

Before I continue, I'd like to direct you to one of my all time favourite songs. Circa Survive - The Difference Between Medicine and Poison is in the Dose. Let it play in the background as you read the rest of the post, I am confident you won't be disappointed =)

Back to my thesis, is it time to freak out? Probably, although to stay rational my progress has actually been, believe it or not, going rather well.  Sweet!

From my last update, last Thursday to be exact,  I was at an average 11,179 words with 51 pages.  Since then my thesis epic has gone continued... wow, just remembered a conversation I was having with Lee today (the only other Honours student).  We were remembering how it was like back in March, when we first chose our topics and started the year.  We had no idea what so ever what to expect... was it to be hard? Impossible? Would we even make it!? It is so strange to be close to the end, to see the light, yet still sit here at this very minute, with all I have accomplished this entire year, and still not know what the next 5 days of my life are going to have in store for me.

Pretty amazing when you think about it.

Anyways, yes, sorry, got a little reminiscent there didn't I haha.  Yes so last Thursday is where I left off.  Over the weekend I forced myself into Uni... and wow was it hard.  Most weekends I don't usually have that much going on. Maybe a get together with some mates, or I'll go visit my parents... this weekend, the weekend I decide is dedicated to thesis writing, I suddenly turn into the most popular guy on Earth.

First a mate of mine wanted to go golfing, sorry no can do buddy I replied.  Then another mate calls, wants to see if I want to come over for a few drinks... sorry, already said no to golf, so I'll say no this also... thanks anyway! Wow, two invites on the same day, would of been a great weekend if I could have gone to both... oh well, this is one of those testing times, have to stay strong, it is short term pain for long term gain!  The next day, my newly gained friend Rob calls (I recently tried out for a band and got accepted)... "Dude, Harry (the guitarist) has finished his exams, we want to see if you wanna have a jam this weekend, get some beers, make a day of it"... aww man, that sounds way fun.  But, I held strong, saying I'll reschedule.  The importance placed on this weekend to write my thesis was immense... I knew that the progress (or lack of) on my thesis this weekend would make or break.

Saturday arrives, Rob comes down also to do some work.  We get some beers and pizza, turns into an awesome day of laughs with bursts of thesis writing. 5pm arrives... my mate Rod calls, reckon he has an awesome night planned with the boys... damn it! I never get to join the guys for a good night out anymore... that makes 4 invites on the one weekend (which is 3 - 4 more then any other weekend lol).

Long story short I managed an awesome 1,700 words over the weekend! Which I am rather proud of myself considering it was a weekend, I had to resists a heap of distractions, and I had downed 6 beers when I finally started writing ha!

So, well.  I am about to go to sleep, to wake up and repeat the cycle all over again.  Sophie (my amazing Honours supervisor) has returned from her two week holiday and has already been an amazing help.  Tomorrow will be important, I have 1 chapter to finish off (Results chapter) and start on my final chapter (Discussion chapter). If I can finish off Results chapter tomorrow, I should be set.

Wish me luck!


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