12 November 2010

So, what's new?

Quite a lot as it were, which is rather surprising as you'd think coming down to the 2 week mark of having my Thesis due there would be nothing extra going at all.  Alas, a lot has happened.  This will be a quick blog, only posting half for the fact that I would like to document the happenings of the week before I forget it all, and half because I just can't help myself really ha.

Indoor soccer finished for the season, we ended up 5th out of 6th on the ladder (which for a team that consists on non-soccer players, we were real happy with that ha!).  We even made it into the semi-finals (one game away from the Grand Final!)... which was lost but all good.  Unluckily for me... which I was not in the slightest surprised about really, is I hurt my knee badly on what was the Last. Game. Of. The. Season..!

Sigh ha.

Last Saturday I had an amazing day... I would hate to get ahead of myself here but I think it may actually be a bit of a life turning event really.  A 'butterfly effect' if you will, if luck would have it.  This year during my Honours year at Uni I met a guy called Rob, who is from the faculty of Psychology (I am from I.T).  It was just luck that our paths crossed really, we got along really well all semester.  A week or so ago Rob was telling me about his band (a side project he is working on), talking about their need for a new drummer.

"Hmm, Rod, did I ever tell you I was a drummer!?"

Long story short we organized a day where I could come down and jam with the band to see how we go, which went awesomely! I played better then I usually do, they loved my beats, the band members were really cool guys, it just fit really.  We played in a boathouse by the beach.  It just happened to be blue skies with the sun out that day, which we took full advantage of by having some beers and playing music right by the beach side... epic win =D

And with that I had one of my best days I have had... for a very long time that's for sure.  Mostly due the fact that, as I have mentioned throughout the year, I don't really have many good friends to hang with anymore.  The hint of being inducted into a group of really cool guys is quite exciting... but we shall see how we go.

Other then that I've been at Uni nearly every day since, chipping away at my thesis (which I will update soon).  Got a busy day tomorrow that has to be with my mates band Slightly Left of Centre... should be a fun day.

Well, I came to Uni on a Friday night, in an effort to get some thesis done.  Better get to it.


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