16 December 2010

Living the dream - Take three!

This is take three of my 'Living the Dream' series! A series where I get a step closer to my eventual dream of one day living in a city! A dream that, whilst originally expressed on this blog over a year ago now, has stuck with me even till now. In part one I got to spend 2 nights in Melbourne and part two I spent 1 night in Melbourne, which while was still an experience, I live only 30 minutes from Melbourne city therefore it wasn't that much a stretch.

This time however I was lucky enough to spend 3 nights in Sydney! It is only one state over from Melbourne (Australia), but it was still fairly foreign enough to get a much better idea of what moving to a city would actually be like. By foreign I mean in terms of the geography mostly (as I am not familiar with Sydney streets at all), and I guess 3 nights rather then 1 and 2 added to the immersion... yes I am aware I am still in the same country and the people are pretty much the same as back home haha.

Anyways, it was exciting nonetheless.  Spent 4 full days in Sydney on my own in a hotel right in the heart of the city.  Spent a day by Darling Harbour, then wonde... oh oh! I just remember one of the best parts of the entire trip!  The Powerhouse Museum! As I was lost somewhere I stumbled across the Powerhouse Museum, it looked alright when I checked out the website so thought I'd give it a go. Wow, is all I can say... I spent 4 hours there, they had some amazing exhibitions on global warming, the advancement of technology over the last 100 years, scenes depicting and describing some of the great discoveries and experiments in history... yes I am a huge nerd =)

Point is, if you ever go to Sydney, Australia, have a walk around Darling Harbour, then stop by the Powerhouse Museum.

The trip was funded by the conference I was attending, lately I have been right into iPhone development, so this conference (well, it was more like a workshop) was fantastic.  That lasted three days so I spent as much time as I could exploring, working in my hotel room, chatting to locals, just really trying to immerse myself and to create a better picture of how it would be like if I really do go move to New York like I currently plan to.

I feel lucky to have these opportunities =)  Below you will find some random shots I took while I was out and about.


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