18 November 2010

Thesis update

Just browsing my blog then, it appears (despite my strong desire to do so) I have failed in keeping a rolling documentation on the progress for completing my Honours thesis.  I know this doesn't make for particularly interesting reading for you readers, but as I have said many times I write this blog purely for myself, thus would like to document what is the most challenging task I have ever tackled.

My last update (all the way back on the 30th of October... nearly 3 weeks ago... ha!) I was at 4,100 words.  Keeping in mind that my thesis is due on the 29th of November...

*queue dramatic music* Dum dum duuummm!!!

Yeah... lame... I am extremely tired ha.

I have been keeping a mini log in the abstract section of my thesis, it reads like so:

1/11/2010 - 5,349 words, 28 pages… progressing too slowly…

7/11/2010 3.14pm – 7,718 words, 33 pages… hmm not bad for the week I guess. Still going far too slow =S

12/11/2010 8.48pm – 9,039 words, 40 pages… majority of pages gained was due to changing font size from 10 to 12 (as per the Honours guidelines).  Hmm.. roughly 1300 words done this week.  Not enough, should have been at least 2000.  Sigh.

14/11/2010 6.09pm – 10,252, 48 pages.  Lots of pages gained due to adding of appendices. I actually went pretty awesomely today and Friday night (see above)… managing around 500 words written (which for writing on a night after work, and writing on a Sunday, isn’t too bad).  

17/11/2010 3.59PM - 10,385, 49 pages. Even though it looks likes I have only managed 100 words since the 14th, I actually deleted about 300 words, then re-wrote another 400.  So have managed 400 yesterday... which is bad but it is progress nonetheless.

Which alas brings us to today, the 18th! For some reason I do my best work real late in the day... say 4pm to 9pm.  Keeping in mind I usually arrive at Uni around 11am... I spend a good 5 hours of procrastination.  Come about 5pm today though and I got a big breakthrough, managing to pump out about 800 words to bring my total to a pretty cool 11,179 words at 51 pages. 

If I can get out another 800 tomorrow, I will be well on track =)

I am seriously on the edge lately though... I am not quite stressing, but it seems like I will at any moment.  These next few days will be absolutely crucial, if I can managed to finish the chapter I am working tomorrow, and on the weekend get 70% of my final chapter done by Monday, I will be able to make it.  Sophie comes back on Monday from two weeks absence... I am desperately waiting her return, it has been quite difficult, but great for self improvement at the same time now that I think about it.

Anyways... I would of liked to have made this post more interesting and funny, but it is 12.36am and I am too tired.  I was going to save it and re-write it tomorrow when I am awake, but I guess posting it now it true documentation, showing how tired I am during these times.


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