10 June 2010

10 Things I Enjoyed About Today - Day 1

I am starting an experiment.  As I was thinking to myself the other day I realized that I seem to have an uncontrollable swaying view on everything, constantly wavering between positive and negative.  In light of this I would like to become a more positive thinking person (like I used to be long ago) therefore I have decided to try something I seen some other bloggers have tried.

Basically everyday you list a specified number of good things that happened in your day, no matter how small the event was.  Sounds way positive to me.  It may sound stupid, or actually turn out stupid, but it is worth a try.  Ha, and there you go, that was a negative thing to say.  I am off to a bad start haha.

So, today's 10:
1. There was a really hot chick sitting near me on the bus, makes the bus ride much more enjoyable
2. Today was 'Pub Thursday' at work where we go to the pub for lunch for a chicken parmigiana and beer
3. Listening to my music at work today was really enjoyable
4. Martyn and I had some fun at work watching clips of Scrubs on YouTube
5. With Uni finished it was good not to have any homework
6. It was nice to chat to my family on the phone
7. I got quite a few unexpected text messages from friends today which was great.  Was nice to know that people think of me.
8.  Sam posted on my facebook randomly today, laughing at one of our old drunken adventures.  That was nice.
9. Found a few new blogs that were pretty good, I think I even followed one of them.
10. I cleaned all the dishes today so we finally have some plates and cutlery to use.  A nice change lol.

Hmm, that was very interesting.  I really struggled once I got to about 5, but after that they really started to flow.  Maybe this wasn't such a silly idea at all. =)


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