31 May 2010

Classic Scrub moments

I have really learned to appreciate the little things that can make my day (and week) that much more enjoyable. One of my all time favourite past times is watching the entire length of a tv series a few episodes at a time after a long day of work/Uni, or to stay warm inside on a cold relaxing night with some snacks.

So far I have watched:
-Friends: a classic
-Seinfeld: if you haven't seen this before, I am deeply disturbed and ask that you leave this blog immediately.
-The Office (American version): Absolutely hilarious I recommend
-Dexter (the ending of season 4 was insane! I still can't get over it): Watch it, now.
-Better Off Ted: A hilarious show, a really enjoyable watch
-How I Met Your Mother: An absolute classic, I have fallen off my chair from laughter
-Arrested Development: Brilliant
-The I.T Crowd: Again, if you have not seen this before, leave now
-Californication: No words needed

Currently I am up to season 8 of the brilliant show Scrubs! This show has had me in stitches from laughter many times over now, so I decided to post a few of my all time favourite parts.

(Click the headings for a link to the clip)

Flying head doctor
Far out I laughed so hard at this. The part when the body dives off the stage is priceless! And then he starts clapping! I am cracking up laughing just typing about it.

Shadow puppet theater
Who thinks of this stuff seriously, this was brilliant! I fell off my chair from this one.

Sasha's Assassination
"Saaasshhhaaaaaa!!" I think I cried at this clip!

Giant puddle
I seen this for the first time a few years back, I remember literally falling off my chair from laughter. Seriously, who thinks of this stuff!

Bob Kelso "Two thumbs"
"What has two thumbs, and doesn't give a crap? Bob Kelso, nice to meet you" Classic!

Turk is back from his honeymoon
Hahaha! JD "Aww man, how did this happen!"... Turk "Ok, from now on we are calling this roof A". Hilarious!

It's the little things in life =)


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