11 June 2010

10 Things I Enjoyed About Today - Day 2

Continuing my little 'positive thinking' experiment, I present day 2 =)

1. Went to a seminar by a very highly regarded I.T academic who spoke about Cloud Computing.  It was one of the only seminars I have been to this year that I actually enjoyed.
2. Had a meeting with Sophie today, which as always was a highlight of my week
3. Got to sleep in this morning
4. Enjoyed the idea that it is Friday and spent the day wondering what my choice of entertainment can be for the night
5. Found Jason by accident at Uni today, so was good to see a friendly face
6. Made some really good progress with my research today with Sophie.  Made a rough time line on how my research should progress over the coming weeks
7. My hair looked good today which was a nice change lol
8. Lots of hot chicks in the Uni library, always a bonus
9. Sophie asked if I would like to help her for a University Information event for July, where high school kids attend this event with Universities around the area providing booths for the kids to chat to staff about the courses that are on offer.  I will be talking about my course which is Games Design and Development, and on show we will have the game my team made last year for a project =)
10. Sabbi called me unexpectingly after dinner and we chatted forages.  Always fun

This experiment is amazing, as you start to list them you really struggle to find a few, then at about item 5 onwards they really start to flow and you sit back and think 'wow, there was so many more positives in the day that I had completely forgotten about'.  I got Sabbi to give it a go while we were talking on the phone and the exact same thing happened.


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