18 June 2010

What does it all mean?...

My life is full of chances, coincidences, unlikely occurrences, strange events, bazaar situations... it is just a weird weave of life. It is so prominent that when something completely unlikely occurs, friends and family who I recap the story to aren't in the slightest surprised what so ever simply because of the fact that it happened to me. Which to be fair these events aren't always bad, they are just unlikely.

Example, the other day I needed to hand in an important report that was due by that afternoon. No worries I will pop into Uni in the morning before class, do some last minute research and finish it up. Get to Uni, my internet quota for my account had run out. Bummer, why today... oh well, lets go top up my account at the little booth thing in the library. Oh man, got no cash on me, alright I'll stop by the ATM. Man this chick in front of me at the ATM is taking forever... I don't have all day. 10 minutes later she turns around and complains that the machine is broken and ate her money. Oh come on... crap well I can't get any cash, what to do? Hmm, maybe I have some left over on my Uni ID card (which you can assign money on)... sweet, I have $2 left on it! Finally some luck. Alright, transfer this $2 from my card to my account... done!

But wait, theres more. Now with the internet back I was able to finish it off. Sweet, let's print it off and we are set. What's this, says I have $0 credit on my printing account? But I have $2 that... oh. Printing credit is linked to your Uni ID card... to which I transferred the remaining amount over to my internet account (which can't be transferred back). Now I can't print my report, yay.

My point is that that was an event that happened only a few days ago purely off the top of my head... I have countless more, these things really are a weekly occurrence. As I said, people aren't even surprised by these stories any more. There was also the case of when one of these... 'series of coincidences' if you will, happened on a monumental scale to which you can read about here.

So why is it that everything seems to be happening for a reason... but for the life of me I cannot figure out what or why.

Today on the way home I thought I'd treat myself to some take away dinner, and after wards I'd stop by the shops and grab a bottle of vodka to have a few quiet drinks with the house mates. On the bus ride home from work I realized that I didn't really feel like take away and much rather prefer to cook tonight. Ok, that's settled, I'll cook and watch a bit of TV, then I'll drive to the store later on.

After dinner I walked out to my car to which it immediately started to rain heavily as I stepped out the front door. "Hmm, maybe that's a sign I should save my money (and my health) and not drink tonight"... so back inside I went. No drinking tonight, no big deal. Aww, who are these people who have arrived at the house... friends of the house mates who I don't know. By now I know most of the house mates friends and get along with all of them really well, but it is always a little awkward meeting new people and tonight I wasn't in a particularly social mood. Think I'll retreat to my room for the night.

At 10.10pm as I was... well I was basically doing nothing to be honest, Jason (one of my last remaining friends) texts me to say that him and the guys are heading to a club back at home (about 30 minute drive away). Wow, I never get asked out by the guys anymore! It is a decent drive... and it is pretty late, and it means I'd have to stay at my parents house after clubbing (as it was close to the club). Alright hell with it, it will be great to see them lets do it. Lucky I didn't drink after all it seems!

Pack my bag, do my hair, get dressed, all set lets go. Jump in my car... turn key... turn key again... lights start to dim... car doesn't start. Aww what! 5 minute of key turning was futile, it wasn't going to start. Sigh... why tonight. Oh, I know what this is from... the other day when I drove to Uni I happened to choose the car park that just happened to be next to the guy who's car wouldn't start. So, as the nice guy as I am of course I helped jump start his car. Sigh...

Back inside I go... put my bag down... turn my laptop back on, stare at screen wondering what to do for the rest of the night.

So. I originally wanted to treat myself to take away and decided against it, I really was looking forward to some drinks with the house mates but took the rain as a sign not to drink, I then figured I'd hang with my house mates regardless of the drinks but they have new people over (something that hasn't happened for months now), I then get a sms from my mates back home who I never hear from anymore saying to meet them at the club which I was prepared to drive the distance for... and my car doesn't start.

Man I got dressed up and everything, actually had a good feeling about heading to the club tonight too. My clothes were good, hair was looking sharp, am able to sleep in tomorrow morning, things were working for me.

So alas, it is now 11.14am on a Friday night, and I am sitting in my room to the sounds of loud laughter and drunk words from a bunch of people upstairs above my room. An amazing series of random events that all on the same night decide come together only to leave me more worst for wear then I was when I first jumped on the bus after work back at 5.30pm...

Meant to be?..

Update: I kid you not, after I clicked the 'Publish Post' button, 10 seconds later my laptop BlueScreened (crashed), something it hasn't done for many months. Unbelievable.


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