12 June 2010

10 Things I Enjoyed About Today - Day 3

I shall stick to my word and continue this, so I present to you today's top 10:

1. Being a Saturday I got to sleep in
2. Went to Uni today and managed to get a rather impressive amount of work done.  I know I will thank myself later for that one
3. Had the entire day free to do what I wanted
4. Watched episodes of Two and a Half Men
5. Cooked myself an awesome steak dinner with a mountain of vegies, mushrooms and onions (my favourite!)
6. Had time to play Assassin's Creed 2 for a few hours
7. Had an extremely relaxing day

Hmm, and that's about it today.  It isn't that today wasn't a good day, on the contrary it was an awesome day.  I basically did nothing today so it was hard to find 10 things to list haha.


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