15 June 2010

10 Things I Enjoyed About Today - Day 6

Unlike the previous 3 extremely low action days, I finally had some stuff to do today haha.

Today's top 10:
1. I had work today (I really like my job so I count this as a bonus)
2. Martyn and I relished about the fact that one of our co-workers is away for 3 weeks, making the office environment much more enjoyable
3. Missed my alarm so I missed the bus which resulted in me driving to work which actually turned out for the better as I had to stop by Uni after work anyway, score!
4. Spent a few hours at Uni to prepare for my presentation tomorrow and actually got a heap done
5. Finished my presentation slides
6. Really enjoyed staying late at the warm Uni library whilst listening to music
7. Stopped by Subway on the way home which was exactly what I had been craving all day
8. A absolute gorgeous chick smiled at me while I was in the library, always a plus
9. Got a few free hours to play Assassin's Creed 2 some more and I am glad to say it has lived up to my expectations and more!
10. Realized today that besides the fact that I hardly see my friends anymore, life is going pretty awesomely


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