14 June 2010

10 Things I Enjoyed About Today - Day 5

Today's 10 to continue the experiment I started 5 days ago:

1. Today was a public holiday so I got to sleep in
2. Had a nice lazy morning of eating breakfast in front of my laptop while watching episodes of Scrubs
3. Spent the day at Uni to prepare for my Honours presentation in 2 days time
4. Got to have lunch at Uni with my house mate Jack.  Was great to have some company
5. Found some good new research papers
6. Got distracted and ended up reading NewScientist.com for about 2 hours
7. Met up with my sister at Uni which I always enjoy her company
8. My sister brought me some home cooked dinner mum had prepared. Sweet!
9. Very much enjoyed the home cooked meal
10. Helped out my house mates who got stuck at Uni because the buses weren't running today


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