21 March 2010

Night one

Something terrifying happened tonight. Tonight is my first night at the new house I have just moved in to, sharing with 3 pre-existing occupants. Jane, Mark and Jack. At first, from all first impressions, they seem absolutely awesome. Friendly, casual, relaxed, students.

I already knew from the house interview the other week that these could (finally) be some people I could relate to, possibly even become friends with (something I so desperately need right now). Jack plays bass, Mark plays drums... I play drums also, fellow musicians sweet! Not only that but also during the inspection I seen Jack's computer had World of Warcraft on the screen, video game players, things were looking great.

When I first arrived today Jack was out, but Mark and Jane were in their rooms, on their computers, playing the same game in cooperative mode... no... freakin'... way! =D I have just stumbled into a dream, house mates that play video games, this is amazing. Not only that, Jane was playing, and she looked like someone who actually knew what they were doing which means this was in no way an uncommon occurrence. Music lovers, gaming lovers, a girl gamer... there is nothing more to say. =)

About an hour ago, I was in my new room (which currently lacks curtains that can close, a broken window frame, left over music cd's and dvd's in the cupboard, and a bed with no blanket... cause I forgot mine at home), just playing some video games. Suddenly I hear a blood curdling scream come from upstairs... was that from a movie? I put the volume down in case it occurs again... it did. I look out of my room to Jane who is in the room across the hall, she seems calm, maybe it was just a movie on the upstairs TV?

It happens again, she looks my way... now shes worried. We both run upstairs and find it is coming from the garage, I was worried about barging in, these people I have only known for literally a few hours, should I really intrude in their business? No, I had to know, if a girl was in trouble I have to take action no matter what. Luckily Jane was with me and opened the door really quick, popped her head in then out. I got the feeling that she was familiar with this event, so obviously this stuff has happened before.

Jane and I rendezvous down stairs for some privacy, she explains the situation. Apparently Mark's ex girlfriend is a bit off the rails... by the screams it sounded like way more then a bit. I keep my ear open in case things got too far, I had no idea if Mark was the good guy or the bad guy in this situation, was he hurting her, or was he protecting her? If he was protecting her, from what, herself? If things got too far I would of stepped in, but it was as a last resort... getting into a confrontation on your very first day isn't a good idea by any means lol, although it does sound exactly like something that would happen to me.

Long story short, police and ambulance were called. Things got absolutely crazy at the house for a bit, I tried to lay low, I could tell Mark was having a very hard emotional time, how much worst would he feel knowing this is all happening in front of a complete stranger, some kind of fear that I would judge him no doubt.

Which in fact, I do judge him, but for the right reasons. Mark's ex girlfriend is rather troubled, Mark was there for her in one of her darkest hours, he stuck by her, got her help, brought her to safety. It might not be lasting help, but it was better then nothing. What he did was memorable, he seems like a great guy, the kind of guy I hope to be as I get older.

He came to me after wards and apologized, I tried my hardest to express that he had nothing to apologize for. He laughed, he has a wholesome smile, but sadness in his eyes, he laughed at the fact that this never happens, and it was just my luck to see the house in this state on my first day. It is my kind of luck, typical me.

Jane and Mark are now upstairs, obviously talking about the recent events... and while they are up there I tell you what I am thinking? It isn't that this place seems crazy, it isn't that my room is a bit of a bomb (I think I have chosen the worst of the 2 rooms available)... it isn't that I feel a little isolated being away from everyone, because on the contrary, I actually feel right at home. What I am thinking is that I wish I had friends like that. I have a strong desire to go up there myself, sit down with them both and see if I can offer any words of wisdom... but I am new, I have no right to be there. An outsider looking in is not welcome company when inside company is available... or perhaps I am wrong, I usually am, but better to lay low and play it safe then step on peoples toes.

These people seem like great people... I for some reason feel completely comfortable with them, no idea why. I prey that this is just the beginning of something grand, it is a great start already.

No sarcasm on that last sentence, seriously.


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