04 March 2010


I be back! Man what an awesome holiday Queensland turned out to be, heaps better then I ever expected in my wildest dreams. The idea to go to Queensland appeared a while back, and now that it is done and gone it has really opened up my eyes to the saying 'whats next!'. Life is so full of adventure, and there really is no excuse to get out there more.

The famous 4-mile beach is the image to the left.

To sum up my trip, my sister and I went to Port Douglas, Queensland, Australia for a small 5 day holiday one week before the busy University year is about to begin. Nothing fancy (we're both on student salaries lol), we stayed at an extremely cheap backpackers hostel and managed to get a package that also included some tours to really save the pennies.

While in our room we met the most amazing girl by the name of Gemma, who is from England. She is 26, has her certified scuba diving pass under her belt, and she simply travels the world getting a job on any tourist boat that will take her (which there are plenty of those around the Queensland coast)... now think about that for a moment... thought about it? How freakin' seriously cool does that sound! Sees the world and makes a living along the way, wow, she was an inspiration that's for sure.

A highlight for me, and according to the log I was keeping to which I wrote "today was one of the best days I have in years, possibly of my life', was when we went snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef. Wow, what a moment that was! Sadly I didn't get an underwater camera with me, the abundance and variety of life by the reef was incredible, I could of floated there for days. It took me quite a while to even register where I was, then even longer to cycle through all the amazing things I had experienced for the day... a memory to cherish that's for sure.

It was quite funny actually because for an hour or so about mid day I became extremely sea sick... massive head ache, I was scared that the day was going to be ruined! As luck would have it though I made a full recovery after I ate some food and drank plenty of water. Phew!

And to add to the day even further, I seen one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen in my life... she seriously took my breath away... which I know is cheesy to say, but its the truth haha! But I'll spare the details.

Another day was spent at the World Heritage listed Daintree Rainforest of tropical Queensland. Now I have seen a few rainforests in my time (Blue Mountains in Australia, islands of Fiji) but this one was truly a master piece of nature. The image to the right is from a point called Alexandria Lookout, with the ones below being of the rainforest itself.

Click the images to view the larger.

The images below are of the amazing Mossman Gorge river, which we got to swim in as part of our morning refreshments.

All in all it was an amazing experience, one that I feel privileged to of had the chance to do so. The places, peoples and tours we traveled were absolutely amazing, if you're planning a holiday to Port Douglas then seriously feel free to get in touch with me and I can share my knowledge.

Next up? My cruise adventure, not long now!

Living life and loving it, get out there people!


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