24 March 2010

Passing the time

I've got nothing to say really, just trying to pass the time during my work day. It is a Wednesday today, I am currently at work with a terrible hang over...

Today was supposed to be half a day at work, half a day at Uni. It is a bit more mucking around (logistically speaking) but I love the variety. The assumption of my day turning out the way that was planned was the reason I stayed up so late drinking with my new house mates, figured with the little sleep I was going to have I could wing work for a few hours, then sleep during my class. Disappointingly class was canceled, which means I am stuck at work for the entire day now... ouch.

I could of lied and left work anyway at 12.30 like I was supposed to... but I need the money. Living out of home isn't cheap that's for sure. My last 3 days has consisted of a total of $16 at my disposal ($10 note on me, $3.51 in my bank account and a few coins in my car)... cereal has been breakfast, lunch and dinner. I could of bought food, but I spent that $16 last night on beer and some bluetack to put my posters up in my new room, Kate Von D poster anyone? =)

Living the dream lol.

Head hurts, it is currently 12.25pm, I was supposed to be out of here in 5 minutes... 4 hours to go now. I have been terrible with blogging lately, my posts are a solid 3 weeks behind... maybe I should post shorter ones perhaps lol. Hmm, we'll see about that, I love explaining in detail... often times I feel my stories are always one of those 'you had to be there' moments. I should probably practice on my writing skills some day.

Update: It is now 1.39... it feels like I wrote the above days ago. I am starving, I didn't bring any lunch with me because I thought I was going to be home by now... and I have no money left as I spent it last night. Should be getting paid today sometime. My new house and housemates though are simply awesome, I can't believe my luck. We have so much in common, I've mentioned to them how awesome I think they are and how lucky I am to have them, in turn they burst into a fits of giggles and smiles claiming that is it them who is lucky to have me lol.

A win win either way.

Last night was Mark's birthday, hence there was drinking, hence my hang over. I am all up for a party (their friends were cool and friendly so that was a plus), just parties during the week I hope isn't too regular of an occurrence... some of us have to work in the morning. My head keeps throbbing =S

Time to hunt for some food, I have a feeling that I will return to this post before the days end.


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