13 March 2010

A love poem

"I love parties"
A love poem by Aaron


I love parties

I especially love parties for an old friend

These are great because I get to see lots of other old friends

A lot of old friends

We all like to catch up, have a few drinks, have a few laughs

We like to catch up on what everyone has been doing since leaving high school

What is everyone studying? Who is dating? Who is still as retarded as the last time I saw them?

And after the countless laughs

the countless drinks

the countless songs

the countless stories

I tell you what I love most about parties for an old friend?

I especially love seeing my ex girlfriend there

I especially love seeing my ex best friend there

I especially love seeing my ex girlfriend and my ex best friend who are now dating

It is so sweet when they hug and kiss in front of me, don't you agree?

And how fun is it when I have to squeeze past them down the hallway?

Way fun!

Can I get a woop woop?

Or how about that everyone there knows what happened

So they either feel sorry for you, or judge you

And don't forget when my best mates have to split their time between me and 'them'

Oh the joys of a 21 year old's partying life

My favourite part of the night is a game I like to play

It's called 'try and keep your spirits high'

I play it lots of times when I am out

I win some, and I lose some

Last night, I was losing by a long shot...

Life was lacking that's for sure

But, my good friend Sam came to the rescue

Sam is super awesome

Sam and I drank lots, Sam and I laughed lots

Sam and I walked bare foot to McDonalds at 2am

She laughed so hard that she snorted

It was funny

So in the end, I won my game


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