02 April 2012

Santa Monica beach and Basktetball

Today, I got lost. Like, for freaking hours. It was ridiculous. After about 2 hours however I eventually made it to my initial intended destination of Santa Monica beach (turns out I was just meant to sit on the bus till the end...).

Oh yeah, on one of my many detours of supreme lost-ness, I seen this old dude walking around with a really beautiful dog. I was going to compliment the owner but as I approached I noticed this guy seemed a bit off... his jacket was pretty dirty and his hair was all wild. It was then that he started to do a small zigzag as he walked also. Now the dog was off a leash but this guy was clearly the owner because it almost seemed like this dog was a guide dog of sorts... but still this owner continued to zigzag around... until I realized that he was trying to run away from his own dog ha! He then made me laugh because he started to weave in and out of street signs and trees in his attempt to escape the dog, then completely randomly he shouts really loud:

"We are humans! We are not animals anymore god dammit!"

Yeah, this was not out of the ordinary in my few days in L.A thus far. 

Anyway I eventually got to see the Santa Monica pier which you always seem to see on TV shows, so that was pretty cool. It was a nice area, but... nothing amazing I guess. A good place to spend the day at least.

The Pier that you often see in TV shows and movies

Standing on the pier looking back at the beach

That night, as luck at a hostel would have it, I got invited to a basketball game with a bunch of people from the hostel. Sweet! Seeing a basketball game is definitely on my America to-do list (despite my lack of interest in the sport itself). Julia tagged along with me also.

Julia (Germany)
A.Z (America), Sam (In blue behind A.Z, Whales) Julia, Ardo (Uruguay), Rodrigues (Uruguay)
Basketball is a little boring, but was still good to see live at least once
And that was my... Monday? My days are a bit of a blur already.


Hannah Marie said...

LOL I'm so "Out of Sync"...your in L.A all ready!
I'm in Santa Monica quite a lot, and run into bizarre people all the time. Hehe you should put a cazy hollywood night club on your to do list.

Out of Sync said...

Oh wow, you live around here do you? What a small world. Haha a crazy Hollywood night club? Hollywood is crazy enough during the day! =P

Although I did go to a nightclub in Hollywood last night called 'Empire'... I'm not a nightclub person what so ever though, but it was alright I guess. Didn't hang around on the street afterwards though lol.

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