06 April 2012

A great surprise in Downtown L.A

Every Tuesday in Downtown L.A there is a club that hosts local stand-up comedians which Manuel and I got invited along to by a bunch of people from the hostel, sweet. Long story short everyone left earlier than expected leaving Manuel and I to make our own way to the club.

Side note: L.A Downtown at night is one of the scariest places I've ever been... it was ridiculous. Maybe I've watched too many... I don't know? NCIS? Actually I don't even watch that show. Whatever I've watched in the past has put me on edge about that place, it gave me a very bad vibe.

After a sprint to the club to avoid getting mugged casual walk down the street at 8.30 at night we reach the place. Hmm, weird, why is there a mini red-carpet, some rope barriers and a camera man with big lights at the front? Meh, must be for something else. We walk in, slipping past the people out the front.

The foyer is packed with people all dressed up in smart-casual attire, drinking beers and champagne. "Bit of a fancy comedy club" I say to Manuel as we weave through the crowd to find the stage. The stage however was unlit and people were filing in and out of it. That's strange, it can't be over already. Let's return to the foyer.

We stand around for a while, Manuel double checking we wrote the right address down, while I let my eyes wander around the room and people. Behind us there was a long pin-up board with pictures of people and filming equipment stuck on it, with underneath on a table a couple of gift wrapped presents, and there was even a piece of what looks like a script from a movie. All of which was pretty strange for what was meant to be comedy night.

A wall of pictures and presents... okay?
A look at the opposite wall reveals three flat screen TV's showing what looks like the behind the scenes of a movie, for something supposedly called 'Incident on Highway 73'.

All three seem to be showing the same thing?
This place is looking stranger by the minute, where are the comedy acts? Suddenly a man with a fancy camera zooms past me, taking photographs of the gathered people; some wearing suits, some in fancy dresses, some looking 'hip' in a suit whilst also wearing a baseball cap and white shoes (sounds like something I would wear ha), when suddenly pieces of the puzzle start falling together...

A red carpet, a camera man and lights at the entrance.

A board full of pictures of people with presents underneath.

People dressed up, all chatting as if they know each other.

A man with a camera taking photographs of the event.

The phrase 'Incident on Highway 73' around the room.

TV's showing what looks to be behind the scenes takes of a movie...

It finally clicks... we're at a movie premier!

"Manuel! Dude... umm... I think we're at a movie premier!"

He looks around the room, suddenly piecing it all together himself. He smiles and laughs "How did we get in!"

"Haha, no idea! Should we leave? Would we get in trouble? We shouldn't be in here." Luckily for us my travel spirit suddenly kicked in, because my tone changed somewhat "Actually, on second thoughts, let's go see if we know anyone famous!"


We walk around the place, trying our best to blend in. I soon decide to make the most of our fugitive status so for the fun of it I thought I'd strike up a conversation with this random guy.

"Hey there, how'd you enjoy the movie?" is my opener, putting on my best I'm-meant-to-be-here face and tone.

"Yeah I thought it was great, it really came together nicely. Did you work on the movie? Are you a friend of Brian's?" he replies, shaking my hand in greeting.

No idea who Brian is obviously, got to think quick here "Yeah I've worked with him in the past, but I mainly worked with Peter on this film, mostly behind the scenes advisory work".

"Peter?" he inquires.

"Peter Schule (made up the name), don't know him? He is a close friend of Brian's" I say with complete confidence.

"Ah, Brian's friend Peter, of course"

So far so good! A lady comes over to the guy, he introduces us "Aaron, this is my wife, she was involved in the post-production".  She shakes my hand, I introduce myself as being as friend of Peter's.

"Oh wow, you worked on the movie too. I'm not sure who Peter is though" she says with a smile.

"Ah, yeah he is fairly new on this project. He is a good friend of Brian"

"Ohhh, a friend of Brian's, of course." 

Apparently this Brian guy is pretty popular. Thanks B-dog!

We chat a little longer, my stories about what my role in the movie was becoming more erratic by the minute. Eventually I excuse myself as my list of made up names and supposed roles are becoming too hard for me to track.

Manuel and I return to the foyer, have a great laugh, grab a drink, then scan the room for our next conversation target. I decide to watch the TV's that are showing clips of behind the scenes of the movie to better prepare myself for when I am bluffing my way. The credits roll, I see Brian's name up the top, apparently he is the director ha!

Behind me I hear Manuel say to this random guy in his most convincing tone "Yeah I was part of the film crew, I'm a friend of Peter's". Hilarious.

My most favourite conversation was talking to these two ladies, we used our now solid line of "We are a friend of Peter, he knows Brian" and one lady replies with "Hmm, I'm not sure who Peter is... oh, Peter, the photographer!"

"Yeah the photographer!" Manuel and I exclaim in agreement.

So much fun!

It was just after that conversation that the man roaming around with the camera came up and took a photo of Manuel and I, classic!

Eventually the party started to slow, plus the later in the night it got the more I worried I grew of having to brave the streets of Downtown L.A harder it would be to get a bus back home. What an awesome unexpected night it turned out to be! I never had 'attend a movie premier' on my America to-do list, but I am glad to say I have done it at least once =)

UPDATE: Remember I mentioned the camera man took Manuel's and mines photo, which was funny because we obviously aren't meant to be there. Well look what I just found on the Incident on Highway 73 Launch Premier photo album Facebook page, classic!

We have no idea how we made it in the cut of what pictures to add to their Facebook album, but it's awesome


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Oh my gosh! That is too funny. What a fun adventure!

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