17 April 2012

Hello, San Diego... Why yes, I am completely hammered

Hello, San Diego!

So we made it, Jon-Paul and I. It was actually a pretty sweet bus ride. And wow, let me just say that San Diego is absolutely amazing. Check out these quick pictures I took on our walk to the hostel:

The view from our hostel room

Already I thought this place was sweet as soon as we arrived. It was about 6pm and the night life was seriously bustling, the streets were alive with cafe's, restaurants, performers, buskers, with plenty of music and people around to give it a very happening vibe. This is a place I could spend some time in!

Not to mention it was a nice change after the cold and rather unwelcoming streets of L.A.

We arrived at our hostel... to find it to be fitting more the description of a hotel! Talk about fancy, this place was unbelievable, granted we were paying a little more than we would of liked I guess. Within the hour Jon-Paul and I had become great friends with a guy named Tim (Australia).

Side note: This is the first Australian I've met on the trip! In L.A I didn't meet any at all so it is nice to be able to chat to someone from back home, who actually speaks English that I can understand.

After the three of us grabbed dinner together, Jon-Paul and Tim heard about this karaoke bar around the corner... which they thought was just the best idea ever... sigh. I tagged along despite my reluctance of singing in front of a crowded room.

Contrary to my initial reluctance to sing I buckled down and forced myself into it. I figured I'd start with a song that I know back-to-front... which for anyone who knows me the song 'Blink 182 - Dammit' no doubt comes to mind. And yes, I absolutely rocked it =P Well the crowd danced and sang along so I mustn't have been too bad! Surprisingly by this stage I was still sober.

A few more beers down however and things start to get hazy.

I remember signing up to sing Coldplay - Clocks, but I can't remember if I actually got around to it or not. I think I did... maybe? No idea. After a few more hours (and many beers) at the karaoke bar I for some reason decided that I wanted to explore the city and simply left Jon-Paul and Tim without telling them. About 30 seconds later I find myself sitting at another bar literally around the corner having yet another beer... not a clue why.

I am piecing all this off the small fragments of memory that remain. I was pretty buzzed.

Soon after my solo pub crawl around town I run into a guy on the street who reckons he just got released from jail and is now trying to 'keep it clean this time'... I think he said he had a kid? I don't know. All I remember is me saying I'm hungry, and telling him to walk with me while I go get food ha. I bought myself a pizza slice, and I remember buying him a sandwich... hahahaha! Oh man, I crack myself up sometimes...

The realization of all this just hit me while typing all this.

So, I sang karaoke and got crazy drunk, walked around the streets alone past midnight, absolutely hammered, have even more beers at another bar around the corner, somehow find myself having a conversation with an ex-convict who I tell to walk with me while I search for food, where I proceed to, for some reason, buy him a sandwich (I think he actually protested against one but I insisted), to then sit down with him to eat and chat for ages about... life I guess? I have no idea ha...

A sandwich! Haha! Classic...

After Mr Convict and my pizza were gone I somehow knew I had to be on Skype at 1am in time to chat to my parents back in Australia (man I have no idea how I remembered that). Of course I was absolutely smashed thus have no memory of what we talked about... and of course they knew straight away that I was off my face so that would of been humorous. Oh and according to my phone I called and talked to my cousin for 4 minutes (who lives in Australia mind you... which would of cost like $20), sorry Kirsty! I do however remember getting yelled at by the hostel staff because apparently I had my parents on full-volume, and in turn I was yelling back into the microphone ha!

After a terrible headache that took hours to clear I promptly passed out on my bed and woke up to a tangle of clothes, drool and laptop cords in the morning...

And that was my welcome to San Diego.


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