14 April 2012

Church, Celebrities, Museums and Moving on

Today is Sunday. Jon-Paul is an amazing singer and is part of his church's choir group. His church is in Hollywood... this could make for an interesting experience so naturally I jumped at the opportunity to accompany him.

As I'd guessed having the church in Hollywood was a slightly more exotic affair than what I've seen back home. The church was incredible, the building was exquisite, they had an entire orchestra style setup thing happening, a rock band, a world class violinist, and the singer (who was absolutely incredible) is apparently a Grammy Award winner...

Only in Hollywood
So that was a pretty fun and interesting affair.

Oh yeah! Is anyone a fan of the TV show NCIS? I met Pauley Purrette! She plays the character Abbey.

Upon returning to the hostel I caught up with Mikael, immediately we start talking about all things nerdy and somewhere along the way dinosaurs came up. "Oh yeah! I was hoping to go to the Natural History Museum while I am still here.. hmm... it's 2.30pm... that's plenty of time!". Nathan (some weird dude at the hostel) heard us and wanted to come, so up and off the three of us went to the L.A Natural History Museum.

This is what I love most about hostels, opportunities arise at the most unexpected moments.

With dinosaurs being one of my favourite topics this place was great with its new exhibition.

You can watch them working on actual bones! Wow! I have never seen that before.
I told Nathan that this is small compared to the ones in Australia. He believed me.

These dioramas were incredible, the background blended so well with the foreground
An endangered Red Fire Hose in its natural habitat
Sigh... but I won't bore you guys with more pictures of the museum I guess.

Then awesomely Sunday night the hostel hosts a BBQ night. Being practically classed as a 'regular' at the hostel now (as I've been here longer than most people now), it is awesome how homely the place and people feel to me. But alas, after 11 days in L.A I've decided to move on despite how much fun I have been having here. Before arriving in L.A I had no idea what to expect... would I make friends? Would I just miss home too much? Would I get bored after only a couple of days? Would I decide just to go straight to New York City and try and get a job? So many scenarios ran through my head.

When in reality these last 11 days have turned out better than I even dreamed it could of. I made a great group of friends on my very first day, had an incredible day of sight seeing in the Hollywood hills, and even unexpectedly attended a movie premier, with so many more events that I just didn't have the time to blog about.

Where to next? Well after talking to quite a few people I've heard that San Diego (which I know nothing about) sounds like the place to be, plus it is only a 3 hour bus ride away so sweet. Awesomely Jon-Paul wants to join me so that makes it even better, plus my good friend Lewis (whom I met on my first day here) is already there so I should be able to meet up with him also, win!

So I guess we will wait and see what this next stage of the adventure will bring.

(Oh yeah, those five books I stupidly bought the other day? I left them with Mikael and his car ha. He is traveling up to San Francisco in a few days time... and I have plans to go there eventually, so hopefully we can meet up sometime... or not, but all cool, it is just another piece to add to the adventure!)


Sue Lin said...

OMG ur finally in the States! Hows it going???!?! I'm still in Melbourne, green with envy! Tomorrow is Monday, back to my desk job!

Out of Sync said...

Haha yep, been here almost a month now actually =P It's going amazingly, seen some of the most amazing sights and have met some of the most incredible people.

Hey don't be too envious, Melbourne I have found from my travels is an amazing place that I miss greatly... although I definitely do not miss the desk job =P

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