24 April 2012

Exploring Balboa Park - Part Two

Today Tim and I continued our tour of Balboa Park from yesterday. Again I will let the pictures do most of the talking:

Second lawn bowls I've found now. You know it is going to be a good now.
First stop was the Science and Space museum... and it was awesome! Again I completely forgot to take pictures because I was too busy reading about Black Holes, Gravity, and how California receives, filters and distributes its water supply (riveting!). I did manage to take one photo however, there was a kids science area that had all these wooden planks of wood that you could use to build whatever you wanted (like Lego)... I built a fort for Travel Buddy.

The army is approaching, my lord!
So that was heaps of fun... Tim and I spent far too much time with these actually ha. Next up was the Greenhouse which I was really looking forward too as it looked quite impressive from the outside:

Yeah... it was ok. What's next? The Air and Space museum!

Pretty cool to have these life sized models all over the place

Actually, to be honest, it was pretty bland. Well if you were into planes then it would be absolutely amazing to see, there were so many real planes involved and a heap of information, but I guess I'm just not too into planes to get excited about being there. What I am really into however is space, oh man did I spent ages in this section of the museum, check out these!

A model replica of the International Space Station, how cool does that look!
A model of one the Mars rovers... to think that the real rover now sits on Mars... amazing
Then there were these pictures on the wall of Mars that were taken by one of the rovers that are currently on the surface of Mars this very minute! Sadly they didn't turn out great when I took a picture of them... but they seriously looked amazing. I also watched a short documentary of how space shuttles launch which I'd say was the highlight of the day so far, it was brilliant.

After this was the Natural History Museum... you'd think I would have lots of cool pictures to show. But no, I do not... because it was pretty poor to be honest. It was nothing like the one in Los Angeles anyway (which was awesome). By this stage Tim and I had been here for a solid three hours or so... there really is so much to do and see here.

Next was the Japanese Garden which was pretty cool actually.

I for one feel more Zen flowing already

Travel Buddy finding some inner peace through some meditation
Cool, I know I for one feel much more at ease after that experience. Travel Buddy fell asleep in my bag afterwards. Time for lunch! We went back to the same restaurant that we went to the day before... although I noticed something new this time however:

Umm... what?
A few more big lunches like this one and Travel Buddy will need to loosen his belt
I reckon we spent 5 hours here easy, and I know my pictures above (which are the best from my collection) still fail to give the impression of how grand the place really was. A highly recommended place to visit. And while my visit here was mostly science based (because that's where my interests lie) there was so much more to do. As I mentioned yesterday there are 15 museums, about 7 different gardens, tours and much more, so I only scratched the surface really.

After walking the entire day I was very much looking forward to Tim and I heading back to the hostel, meeting up with Lewis, and grabbing a beer. Oh what a life.

And that concludes the third, and yet another, amazing day here at San Diego.


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