21 April 2012

The beauty of travel

Travel is often times indescribable. Well, sure you can tell a story, show some pictures, reenact events... but will that truly give the impression of what being there was really like? There is so much to do, feel, smell, see, hear when you travel, that you and you alone experience.

'What was the highlight of your trip?' you're questioned by those back home.

Of course the answer varies on your mood, the memory that pops into mind in the moment, on the type of person you are. Some people prefer the sights, some the culture, some the food.

My favourite aspect of my trip? My highlight, if you will.

Regardless of where I am, it has always been the people I meet.

People, have stories to tell. People have a past. Both of which are always completely different to absolutely everyone else's in the entire world. You can learn from people, always, you just need to be willing to look.

Today, my great L.A friend Lewis (who left L.A a week or so ago), came and met me in San Diego and is now staying at my hostel. It wasn't long until we got chatting to Sheridon (Australia). Both of these people are some of the most down to earth people you could ever hope to meet meet.

Tonight the three of us conversed for over two hours. We talked about life, dreams, past, present, future, beliefs, philosophies, society, environmentalism, consumerism, money. We each come from completely different backgrounds, thus having completely unique and progressive opinions to include into the conversation. Now normally I learn and take away something from absolutely everybody I meet regardless of who they are, but every once in a while you find someone that goes beyond the normal everyday interaction, and when you are lucky enough to encounter such a person it is always worth your time to sit and listen. These two people were beyond the normal everyday interactions.

Our combined opinions was a conversation worth listening to intently.

I have learned so much already about so many things, from my own experiences as well as from the people I have met, and I know I still have such a long way to go. It is exciting at least to see where it will all lead in the end.

And what's more exciting is who else is out there I have yet to meet.

We live in a grand, adventurous world. Go explore.


Jas said...

I am beyond excited for you. I hope that these connections will stick with you throughout your travels - making friends as an adult has always been one of my biggest concerns. You make it sound so easy!

Out of Sync said...

Thanks Jas =D Well sadly all these friends have now left L.A and gone off in completely different directions, but that's perfectly fine, it is something you need to expect and be okay with when travling, that everyone is temporary. But it is the impact they make on your while they are around that has the most lasting impression =)

And what? You having trouble making friends as an adult? That doesn't sound right to me... =)

Jez said...

Meeting people is awesome. I envy your ability to get along so well with people you first meet! I can't strike up convo with a randomer so easily, but when something brings a couple of randomers together, an event or accident maybe, that's when the magic happens.

Happiness is only real when shared.

Azz said...

Haha it isn't always as easy as I make it sound, often times I can go days without clicking with anyone and instead at best manage polite chit-chat. Being thrust together where no one knows anyone else helps as well haha.

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