27 April 2012

San Diego rocks

Carrying on from the epicness that was 2 days at Bolboa Park, today Tim and I hired some bikes and rode our way to a museum that is stationed on an actual retired US Aircraft Carrier. Or in other words, the aircraft carrier is the museum. This was definitely a first for me.

And guys, riding bikes! I can not recommend or praise highly enough how much fun and better hiring bikes to explore a new destination is. The freedom is just so awesome, not to mention the fun of dodging traffic and figuring out the laws of a new country on the fly ha! Anyway we soon arrive at the aircraft carrier... it was pretty impressive from the outside to say the least.

And now you get to walk inside and on top, pretty cool.

Tim and I got separated pretty early on, which is no big deal as this happened frequently during our Balboa Park visit yet we somehow always managed to find each other at the perfect time to leave, so I was confident that that would happen again.

Two hours of waiting later however and Tim was still no where to be found. Not happy.

Travel Buddy growing very agitated as we wait for Tim
I kept myself busy by reading the 2nd book of The Hunger Games series (which is pretty epic). Eventually Tim re-appears (he thought I was still on the ship for the last hour), so we continue to bike ride along the waterfront, seeing some awesome sights and experiencing some really great and vibrant atmospheres along. Most of it was one long stretch of markets, restaurants and performers, a very cool place to be.


Found this thing. No idea what it is for but it looks cool.

Riding around San Diego I would say is definitely a key highlight of the trip thus far, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Alas it was getting late, time to head back to the hostel.

Oh yeah, and I'm an idiot. Yes I know everyone will agree with that statement.

So I was originally meant to head back to L.A today (Friday) but with Lewis around until Wednesday next week, and with becoming such good friends with Tim, I've decided to stay in San Diego until Monday. All well and good... but I'd hesitate a guess and say that letting the hostel in on this change of plans would be a rather crucial step in the success of this idea, wouldn't you agree? So yeah... arrived back at the hostel Friday afternoon... key card to enter the front door wouldn't work. Sigh... what's wrong now? Stupid hostel. The guy buzzes me in, I get to the front counter.

"Oh, Aaron yeah? Yeah... you were meant to check out this morning. All your stuff has been put in a garbage bag and stored in our storage room, and you've lost your deposit."

Ah... I see. Forgot to tell them I am planning to stay longer ha...

All good though because as my luck would have it they had a spare bed for the next few nights, and I am now in Lewis' room, sweet!

Just my charm I guess.

Anyways so, back to L.A next week now. And really, that's the true beauty of this trip, the fact that it is just that, my trip, with no itineraries or deadlines or people to conform to, just the freedom to go where ever the wind takes me.

I'll leave you all now with a picture of Travel Buddy eating nachos.

Nom nom nom!


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