12 September 2010

Back from my party... yay.

This is kind of part two of my previous post, the one written and posted about say... 8 hours ago? Seen here.  From that post you will see the story of how I lost my phone, for it to be returned by the generosity of a very kind girl where I was able to arrange for myself to pick up my phone from her house, and that I was about to head out to a party.  One that I was in fact extremely looking forward too.

I was in somewhat of a hurry when I picked up the phone the other day and felt bad (cause, you know, it is not everyday that people give back a pretty decent phone when they could easily keep it themselves).  So on the way to my party I stopped by the supermarket for some supplies and grabbed a box of mixed chocolates, drove over to her house (unannounced) and did a bit of 'Hey, I didn't get to say thank you properly the other day, so I wanted you to have these chocolates and receive a proper thanks from me' kind of lame ass thing that I guess is kind of built within the person I am...

Thankfully it wasn't awkward at all and she was actually genuinely appreciative of the gesture.

So... we are now at 1.40am... I am back from my party very early.  Sigh... waste. of. time.  There was heaps of people, the food was good and so was the location... just I don't know.  There was hardly anyone I knew, it was absolutely freezing and all the people I did know left extremely early (around 11.30pm).  Problem is that I had had about 4 - 5 beers in anticipation of having a nice long night with my mates... which obviously meant that when they all left early and I was left with no one, I had to wonder around like a loser for a while to sober up enough to drive home.  Yay...

As fate would have it, just like countless posts of mine in the past, I yet again met someone amazing when I least expected it.  This has happened so many times in the last few months, most recently being the stunning girl who grabbed my entire attention for unknown reasons, someone I still think about today. Tonight, however, I think I met someone who was just... exactly perfect.  She was cool, casual, interesting, smart... she was just completely honest and so down to earth, whilst still being gorgeous and fun.  Sigh.  But, please, don't get me wrong, I don't just fall for any girl I meet, I in fact have quite high standards.  Standards high enough that I don't often meet many girls who meet those standards therefore it is monumental when I meet one that does... let alone surpasses them impressively.

I chatted to her for ages (I can talk to chicks when I really want to lol), it was an awesome conversation although slightly soiled because of the fact she had some drunk douche hanging around who I assume could be her boyfriend... although I could not see in any way how or why.  This girl (Amy) was the cousin of the birthday guy Mark.  Now, Mark's family has quite large noses and as myself, Amy and her douche boyfriend were looking through photo albums of the family the douche boyfriend goes "Haha, Mark has quite a large nose... Ha I can see where you get your big nose from Amy".

What... the...?

Amy just didn't really say anything, but you could tell she didn't approve (to which I don't blame her). It just annoys me so much that douche's like that have these rare, amazing, cool girlfriends while guys like me (the guys who take the time to say thanks to a stranger for returning their phone) get to have these meaningful conversations, laugh and connect with these cool girls... and then drive home by themselves.

I know my time will come soon enough, it is just so disheartening to see these apparent opportunities pass me by week after week.  Time for bed I guess.


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