23 September 2010

It hurts so much its funny

I can't stop laughing, which hurts so much to do so, which makes me laugh more...

At this moment as I attempt to type this I am in pain from head to toe.  Self inflected though so not to worry!  With summer just around the corner I have finally stepped up my work out routine... well, not 'stepped up' but rather 'started' would be a more accurate description. This happens every single year though, winter comes around and I laze about... it starts to warm up and I realize I am not the fit shape I was last summer strangely enough ha. 

Thus far this week I have had 2 gym work outs, a game of mixed indoor netball and my weekly mixed indoor soccer game... too much too fast I am thinking, my upper body is the sorest it has been in a long time indeed... I nearly had a car accident on the drive home because I can't turn my neck very much lol.  I'm not kidding when I say it literally brings pain just to breath.

Oh well, it will be worth it in the not so distant future =D

Although I am scared about trying to get out of bed tomorrow!

Speaking of indoor soccer however!  A month or so ago I started playing mixed indoor soccer and am enjoying it immensely.  I'll be honest and mention the fact that we lost 6 straight games in a row, but managed to win our first ever game last week, 6 to 5!  And to top it off we played fantastically tonight and won our second game ever (and in a row), 10 to 1!  Woo go team!

Although to be honest we are absolutely terrible, but we play it for the fun so win win really.

Hmm, other than that... well as always I guess there is heaps of news to speak of, but I try to limit how much I ramble on this blog so I refrain from mentioning them all.

Well today actually was a pretty good day now that I think about it.  Sophie came back (she was away for 2 days) so it was as always just amazing to catch up with her, and actually got some pretty awesome stuff settled in regards to my thesis... well, lack of thesis but it's getting there haha.  I'm stuck with a Masters class that I need to do in parallel with my thesis at the moment and with assignment 2 due in 2 weeks I figure I should get a move on with that... which means the thesis is on hold for the time being.

On the plus side though, for said assignment 2 that is due I am tasked with developing a 'Network Intrusion Detector'... yeah I don't really know what it is either so don't worry haha.  I started it today and am rather happy to say that I did some of the best computer programming I have ever done =D  It was clean, complex, effective... it was awesome.  Yep, I am a nerd!  It is just good to see that I am always improving and it makes me excited for what the future can bring.

Anyways, not much more to say really without rambling on.  I think I might do some stretches, put a movie on then just lie very still on my bed until I fall asleep ha ha...


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