21 September 2010

Thesis writing

Energy is draining fast... or maybe there was none there to begin with.  With only 4 weeks until my Honours thesis is due I am still yet to write any substantial amount of words.  276 words so far to be exact... out of an approximate 20,000 needed.... yeah...

I expressed about a month ago that I was lacking my work motivation, although this happens every single year so I wasn't really concerned.  This year, however, isn't an ordinary year.  A thesis is not an ordinary piece of work.  In fact, it will be by far my biggest single piece of work I have ever done on my own in my entire life.

Wow... that's a scary realization.

Yes I know, 'what am I doing here writing this post instead of writing the thesis' you may be thinking.  Sometimes a bit of a word spill helps so I thought I would give it a go.  Besides, my hope is that in a months time I can look back on this post, with a completed thesis submitted, and reflect on the journey and be proud that I over came the hard days such as today.

It is strange though, and I think I wrote this on the post I linked above, but usually when this happens I usually somehow get into a working mode when I really need it and miraculously just pump out massive volumes of work in an impressive amount of time, always achieving a high grade.  What is different this time?  Is it a sense of overwhelming that is hindering me from even starting?  Or is it just the fact that I am lazy and I need to just sit myself down and force out some work?

The problem there is that all my best work is always done spontaneously.  You may recall that big literature review that I wrote up in only 1 day just last month.  3,500 words written in one day, on a topic I know nothing about, I am happy to announce that I got a Distinction for my efforts.  Thus proving I work best on the run.

But this is a thesis, no way could I knock it out in 1 day.  Nor even a week.  Hell, I am even pushing it to try and complete it in 1 month as it is.  And then days like this arrive where I take the day off work, have unlimited hours ahead of me, and I waste it listening to music, chatting on gchat or blogging.

Oh well, for some reason, I am still not worried... I think something is wrong with me ha.  I have 276 words done so far, let's get cracking.


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