11 September 2010

Another 'typical me' moment

Hmm, not sure how I get myself into these messes.. but alas they happen, very frequently, it just seems to be 'my thing' to have the most unlikely, coincidental events to occur.  I shall keep this one quick.

You may recall a mere 4 days ago I was a little down at how bad my luck seems to be lately, well this week adds 2 unlucky events to the list, although technically one of those eventually becomes mute... kind of.  On the Tuesday just gone, the day that was pretty memorable on its own, I drove to Uni for a change because I was running late (I rarely drive).  I arrive at Uni... had no change in my wallet so I couldn't by a parking ticket and not enough time to park at the free carpark (which has to be about 500m from the campus) so I risked it and parked in the ticket only spaces opting to put an old parking ticket (back from June 6th hehe) upside down on my dashboard in the hopes to fool any inspectors.

Well yeah... apparently the parking inspectors caught onto my foolproof scheme and booked me an impressive $72... sigh!

The next day was to be a very busy day.  My plans were to spend all day at Uni, go home (by bus) around 4.30pm, get changed into gym clothes, drive Jade (my housemate) at myself back to Uni, meet my sister who goes to the same campus as me at 5pm so I could collect something off her and then arrive at Jade's and mines spin bike class session at 5.15pm.  Easily doable, I've cut plans way closer then that before!

That idea didn't work out so well.

Along comes 4.20pm... whoops, better check what time the bus leaves to go home... damn, leaves at 4.22pm, that gives me two minutes!  I can make it! I packed up my stuff, give a hurried goodbye to Lee, run down 3 flights of stares, across the campus oval, down an embankment, up the other side, across the road, up over a flower bed to see that the bus hadn't arrived... win!  And as a side note, my fitness is definitely improving, I ran brilliantly ha!

Panting and staggering I slow down to a walk, do my standard 3 pocket hand tap (phone, keys, wallet)... hang on, wheres my phone? Check my other pockets... no phone.  Damn, is it in my bag?  Nope.  Aww man, I must of left it on my desk!

Back I run over the flower bed, across the road, down the embankment, up the other side, across the campus oval, up 3 flights of stairs to arrive back at my office... to which it was not there.  I had cargo pants on that day, an undesired conclusion was forming... it must of fallen out of my pocket whilst I was running... sigh.

By this stage it is about 4.35pm... my sister is going to be calling me at 5pm to try see where to meet up, and my housemate Jade is most likely going to catch the bus into Uni, thinking I had instead decided to just meet her there!

After about 10 laps of the oval, accusing 2 separate people of finding my phone that turned out to be their own phones and many sighs, I couldn't find it anywhere. Luckily Lee was still around so I used his phone to get into contact with my sister so she can drive me home.  Quite a debacle indeed... luckily I was able to log onto Facebook and Jade was online so I could tell her the situation and warn her not to come by bus.

Upon my sister and myself walking towards her car however (after a few more unsuccessful searches of the oval)... her phone rings, it was me!  Well, my phone =P

"Hey, yeah ummm I found your phone on the oval" said the girl on the line.

"Oh that's way awesome!"

"Yeah haha, so, what do you want me to do with it?"

Now, I guess I have a slightly negative view of humanity at times, because I said this. "Oh.. well, could I have it back please?"  As if to imply that she was going to keep it ha?

She cracked up laughing "Haha of course you can!"

She gave me her address and my sister drove me over... I was in a hurry so regrettably only gave a very brief hi and thank you (sigh... should of started a convo...).  We raced home, I got changed and Jade and I decided to do the 6pm boxing class instead, so everything worked out in the end I guess!

But yeah... what a ridiculously crazy hour...

I am about to head out now to a party right this minute, I was thinking of stopping by her house and dropping off some chocolates or something to say thanks.  Not creepy, is it? lol.

The hilarious thing was, when I turned my phone on the next morning, there appeared a picture of her and her friend set as my phones background haha!  That was definitely epic to say the least =D


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