05 October 2010

Offically doomed

I can't do it.  It pains me to say it, but it is in all likeliness the truth... I just cannot complete this last assignment that stands between me and graduation from my Honours degree.


For the entire year now I have embarked on quite the challenge, after successfully graduating from my degree last year (Information Technology, majoring in Games Design and Development) with great marks I decided that one more year of study was needed for numerous reasons, and decided to stay for a postgraduate degree (Honours). 

Thus far it has been going great, last semester I got HD's (High Distinctions, a grade of 80% or higher) across the board for every assignment, report, literature review... so yay for that =)  It seems however that that trend of high achievement may go out the window due to a failure of concentration on my part... 

You see, back at the start of the year I was able to choose 3 Masters classes as part of my Honours year.  Awesome I thought, who knows what cool things I can learn!  What's this, a subject called 'Recent Developments in I.T'?  How cool of a class does that sound! Oh, it is only offered in the second semester and it is highly recommended you complete all your classes in the first semester so you have the second semester completely free to work on your Thesis?  Aww but, but, but with a class title as cool as that I just HAVE to take it!  Done!  I am going to ignore all advice from people much wiser then I and leave the class until second semester anyway.  Brilliant idea!  How could I ever come to regret that...

Well, turns out in my naive haste I didn't read the fine print of what this apparently 'coolest class of them all' that was 'Recent Developments in IT' was really about... and didn't realize the whole semester is spent on the extremely tedious and boring subject of Data Mining... ouch. 

It has turned into one of my most complex, demanding classes I have ever taken in my life.

So here we come to the final week of the semester, I have the final assignment for this class (coupled with a 15 minute presentation) due this Friday... and I have absolutely no idea what I am meant to do.  I feel completely lost, with no one to turn to.  It scares me to think that my perfect record of never failing not one piece of work in my entire schooling to fail on the very last one!  And even if I somehow manage to pass, it will completely ruin my HD streak for this year, something I have strived for with great intensity since before I even began.

The possibility to graduate not just 'Information Technology with Honours'... but instead 'Information Technology with First class Honours'!

About 5 weeks ago the first assignment for this class was due, and we all know how ridiculous that turned out... yet I somehow (as you can read in the linked post) managed to throw together a report in one of my biggest efforts ever, achieving an acceptable 73% grade.  I have 3 days until this second assignment is due... can I repeat my previous feat?

I have doubts...

One thing that I pride myself on is the ability to somehow stand up victorious when the odds are incredibly against me.  I have managed this many times before, with this assignment being by far my toughest ever.  I am about to go home now as I am terribly tired from being here all day, I will be here first thing tomorrow morning, I have come too far to let this go to waste. 

It is going to be a long 3 days!


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