08 January 2012

LivingItUp: A BBQ, a Wedding and City fun

Here is the first post in my 'Living It Up While I Still Can' series where I try and do as much fun activities with friends and family as I can possibly squeeze in before I take off for hopefully a year abroad in New York City starting March 2012.

The last 4 days have been great! It seems I am living it up without hesitation.

First off there was the awesome activity my friends have started doing regularly of late, BBQ's by the beach! With Summer upon us at the moment the days are long and the afternoons are warm, perfect for a BBQ by the beach on a Thursday afternoon straight after work. It is always a 'more people the merrier' affair so there is usually a bunch of people who I don't know, and I am happy to say I have met two or three extremely cool new people because of it. One whom in particular, Kate, I hope to see a lot more of in the future.

Then Saturday came and it was time for a wedding! Wedding's at my age are ridiculous amounts of fun, at 23 years old I feel I am at the optimum age to enjoy a wedding. I am old enough to drink, make a fool of myself, chat to anyone and everyone, and basically just go there for the fun and take advantage of the free food, alcohol and company of friends/family, but on the other hand however I am still young enough that I don't have to worry too much about buying a good gift, setting a good behaviour for the younger attendees, and I don't have any partner and/or kids to worry about... win!

Sunday I awoke with little sleep and a bit of a hang over, but there was no time to rest because I was to be spending the day with Brendan, Carolyn and Polly... three friends I love spending time with. We originally planned to go to the Zoo, but that got changed by the girls somewhere along the way (I never quite figured out when ha) and instead we had some great Chinese for lunch, walked around Melbourne city for a while, then caught a tram and hung out by the beach. The topic of 'dodgem cars' came up somehow so we set out on a quest to find somewhere that had them! But failed ha (perhaps will add it to my to-do list). A pretty simple day but I honestly couldn't of asked for a better way to spend my Sunday. I am going to miss those guys when I leave...

Our walk along the beach side.


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