03 January 2012

I'm looking for new blogs to follow, apply here!

Hi bloggers! I want you to advertise your blog here, seriously!
Let me explain. In life I work full time as a software developer thus I am on the computer the entire day...five days a week... thus providing me a substantial abundance of time free to spend blogging and reading blogs, which I admit is pretty cool. However the problem is that because I have so much free time to blog I end up reading through all the new posts of the blogs I follow way to quickly and am always left waiting for new post to appear, and when I am terribly bored at work a new post to read is an awesome time filler.

So I'd like to welcome anyone to in the comments below feel free to shamelessly advertise your blog and I will gladly check it out. There is a rule however, all I ask is that you also suggest at least one (or more) of your favourite blogs to follow, else I won't check your blog out =P Feel free to add a little description to what your blog is all about also.

I hope to discover some cool new blogs, and hopefully inadvertingly help other people discover your own blogs also =) Any cool blogs I see I will add in a list below, as well as mention your name and blog in thanks for participating:

- Stuff No One Told Me: This blog shows illustrations of this guys life in a very creative and sometimes very moving way. A nice relaxing read. A thanks for the suggest to Faith from My Blessed Life!

- Bits of Truth: An awesome collection of motivational quotes, updated I think daily. A great way to start the work day =D A big thanks again to Faith from My Blessed Life!

- Living with the Seat Up - A very humourous blog that I was very surprised to see only had one follower at the time of writing. It definitely deserves more so check it out! Courtesy of the blogs' author Shannon.

- Help a Geek - This blog was rather interesting, however I'll garner it is probably not quite to most peoples tastes, but I for some was totally hooked. An awesome thanks to Sue Lin from Bay Bee Tea (check her blog out it is awesome).

- My Life Alone - An honourary mention to Dave from My life Alone for his much appreciated participation. His blog is cool and one I'd definitely recommend checking out.

Additional notes: People I am already following are more than welcome to participate, also feel free to recommend as many blogs as you feel like =) I might run this post over the next few weeks as well.


Faith said...

Favourite:Reminiscing is a Dangerous thing

Dave said...

These are mine

and here are a few others I like

Out of Sync said...

Thanks guys! I will check them out today for sure.

Dave you forgot to add your own blog address for people to have a look at?

Sue Lin said...

Lol! So thats what u do for work =) Nice!

U already follow me so no point for me advertising! LOL. Anyway, on my links, my mom and Isya are the only two i actually read:


Tell me what u think of them =)

Shannon said...

My blog is www.livingwiththeseatup.blogspot.com and all about me living with 2 men. It's crazy and fun and I write about the hijinx that ensue. One of my favourite blogs I follow is: Bake at 350, all about delicious cookies! www.bakeat350.blogspot.com

Sue Lin said...

Ohhh i came across a good read tonight and thought of u


Its my friend Isya's cousin, she got kidnapped by con men, escaped unharmed and blogged about it. Dont hesitate to ask if u dont understand any slang words she used (not much, she wrote really well =)

Out of Sync said...

Shannon - Awesome thanks for contributing, I shall check out your blog for sure.

Sue Lin - Ah you are just too cool aren't you =) I checked it out and read that post, then read heaps of her other posts as well, and I thought they were really really awesome. Definitely added it to my reading list! Thanks =D

Jas said...

You can follow my blog if you feel so inclined. It's called Smile Big and Pretty. I'm an actor/writer who lives in Atlanta, GA, USA and I'm always in the midst of auditions, fail stories, and trying to get better representation so that maybe, just maybe, I can get out to California by February.

And I also write comical essays about growing up, a la David Sedaris. Though I am in no way, shape, or form a David Sedaris. I'm not worthy.

I also video blog a fair bit.

Check it out.

Out of Sync said...

Thanks Jas, I shall definitely check it out. Sounds like it could make for quite the entertaining read.

One bolt short of a toolbox said...

Hey, Hope you can find a little bit of time to check out mine!!


Anonymous said...

This blog is random and cool things are added every week!

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