06 January 2012

Living it up while I still can

With my year long NYC trip scheduled for March, it has finally dawned on me that 'dude... see all those awesome friends you love hanging with, the fun activities you love doing, that fun-things-to-do-one-day list hanging on the fridge that you have been meaning to get around to... yeah, you are going to be leaving all that behind when you leave!'.

After I got back from my China trip last November I had two really amazingly fun weekends with my friends, and for the first time in a long time I realized, and started to honestly feel, how much I am going to miss home when I leave.

Ever since the beginning of this year I have been the most emotional I have ever been in my life ha! It gets even worst when I've been drinking too. All I want to do these days is hug my friends and family and just never let them go!.. but that would be weird, so instead I have settled upon just living life to the absolute fullest until departure date by squeezing in as many fun fueled activities as I can.

Therefore I am starting a new, brief series titled 'Living It Up While I Still Can' in which I hope to write down all the fun things I have done in my remaining few months at home before I leave for my trip. It will be nice to be able to re-read and remember whilst I am away, and perhaps just to remember this time in my life in general, a time where I took 'living' to the next level and really started to live it up, albeit only a brief while.

I just feel so blessed to have such awesome friends and home that... I just don't want to take it all for granted and regret all the things that I should of done when I had the chance, you know? Who knows what friends and home will be like when I get back, all I know is that it most likely won't be the same as it is now so it is best to enjoy it while it is still around to be enjoyed.

The river 2 minutes from my house that I love riding along. It's the little things in life.


Jez said...

Even more motivation to get awesome things done where you are now! Living it up while you still can isn't just a motto, it's a way of life! I look forward to hearing about the things you get up to before you head out!

Sue Lin said...

Agree with Jez! Live it up all the time! How long will u be in NYC??

Out of Sync said...

Always like hearings from you guys =) You are right Jez, and it is how I try to always live. Writing blogs about it, and reading about others doing it, is definitely a good motivator also.

Everyone has those conversations with friends where you're like 'yeah we should totally do that some day'... but then you never get around to doing them. I want to use these next few months to actually go and do those things haha.

Sui Lin, well my VISA lasts 1 year... so I can stay for any amount of time I want I guess. Basically I don't have an answer to that question lol.

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