03 January 2011

Dear Oz

I know you will read this some day, which is scary and cool at the same time. I wanted to give you the address to this blog tonight... just, I don't know, it is quite a big step, there is still so much you don't know.

You would be the absolute first of my friends to read this. Count yourself honoured I guess =P

We talked about fate and coincidences for a little while tonight.  I brought it up because of you. Sometimes I wander if meeting you was meant to be, or if it was indeed nothing, like countless other cool girls I have met before. You have so many qualities I cherish, and the personality to match, I'd like to get to know you more but sadly I know it is probably just an out there wish shared by me and me alone.

Which is ok because, as I am sure you know, I've shut myself in long ago to not get my hopes too high about such things anymore.

Sigh, but, I guess that's a lie. While I'm typing this as you do your Sheldon face and scratch your 'heel' on the webcam, I tell myself to not get my hopes up... but I can't help it, and my hopes get high regardless. You nailed it perfectly when you said "It didn't happen this time.  But you never know what the future holds"... that's the phrase I reluctantly live by. It is my curse.

I hope you enjoy reading, there is quite a lot here, you'll notice the mood and topics change drastically depending on the times, which is interesting. Just know that this is as close to the real me as you could ever get.

We talked about being more open to people, so this post was my attempt.  I hope it was within the boundaries. 

Take care,


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