31 December 2010

2010: Where did it go?

As if it is December 31st, 2010 as of this very moment... no way an entire year has passed. Just now I am reading my 2009 recap, and as I am reading it I can picture vividly my hands typing those words as if it was written only last week.

That's scary.

So... 2010, how did we go? I don't really know how to answer that.  Well, just after reading my 2009 recap... what has changed since last year? Sadly it appears not much at all.

Actually, and I apologize how bad this post is turning out, no flow what so ever lol, but oh well.  I was originally going to see how 2009 was, then compare it to 2010 to see on what level it has/hasn't improved.  As I was reading 2009 posts I realized... why even compare?  2009 is so far away now, I am such a different person, my life is completely different, everything has changed.

It was a nice realization.

The great thing about keeping this blog is that it allows me to look at my year like a time capsule, so, let's take a step through memory lane and see what I got up to in 2010 =)

There was heaps of awesome adventures and stories, first there was the Bonzai Tree fiasco at work, Sabbi's and mine escape from the terrifying Scouts camping trip, I was on TV, and the scarcely believable coincidental events like the time I met a girl at the cinemas or the time when the Universe was clearly against me for unknown reasons.

Then there was the events! The Taylor Swift concert, the Paramore concert and the times I got to stay in the city for a few nights for a conferences (here, here and here). Not to mention the holidays... Queensland in January, Cruise Ship in April, Thailand in June and a week in Sydney in December!

All this was squeezed in as I moved out of home with crazy housemates, got offered to and became a tutorer at my University to teach my very first class, topped off by attempting one of the greatest achievements of my life thus far... to successfully complete my Honours year at University (which I did =D).

So while 2010 wasn't the year I made new best friends, or found a new girlfriend, or decided what I really want to do for next year, it was instead the year I became more independent by moving out of home for the long run, got out to see the world more with my holidays, and completed my Honours degree to prove to myself that if I set my mind on something, I can do anything.

It was a tough year, there were certainly some stressful days (and nights) due to Uni, and some very lonely times as I left most of my friends behind, but hey, it is the end and I am still here, and I can realize now from my recap above that 2010, while not exactly what I had hoped for, still turned out pretty damn awesomely =)

Let's see what 2011 has in store... I have a strong feeling that it is going to be quite a lot more memorably then this year, trust me =P

Happy New Year everyone!


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